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Our company

We are Paulig

Paulig is a family-owned company, based in Hel­sinki, but active in 12 European countries. We believe taste is key in building a better world, so we keep exploring new ideas, techniques and ingredients.What we aim for is a constantly evolving food culture– one that’s good for both people and the planet. We consistently live by our purpose ‘For a life full of flavour’.

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Our professional solutions

This is Paulig PRO

Paulig PRO is a collection of brands, products and concepts – all provided by dedicated foodies. We have come together to form solutions tailored for professionals at restaurants, pubs and bars, cafés and wholesalers. What we offer is constantly reviewed and evolved to meet the wants of your customers and the needs of your business. This makes Paulig PRO a provider but also a supporting partner. 

Here's the deal for you

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Versatile products

Something that unites our products is versatility. Use them to simplify your operations, reduce waste, increase margins and above all – add great taste.

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Inspiring concepts

We help you get the most out of the products by sharing insight-driven concepts packed with recipes, guides, tutorials, business tips and other kinds of inspiration.

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And this is always included

Taste excellence
Great taste in every bite.

Value creation
Help to boost revenue and cut costs.

Smart simplicity
Solutions to make workdays easier.

Sustainability with impact
Products that make a difference for people and planet.

Our brands

Each Paulig PRO brand has its unique way of adding value.
Brand Pauligcofee
Brand Risenta
Brand Santamaria