Cheeseburger Nachos

Cheeseburger Nachos

Indulge in the ultimate comfort food fusion with our Cheeseburger Nachos. These nachos are a flavour-packed delight, featuring crispy tortilla chips loaded with seasoned ground beef, our delicious cheese sauce, gherkins, and a drizzle of tangy burger sauce. It's the classic cheeseburger experience reimagined as nacho perfection, offering a symphony of savory, cheesy, and slightly tangy flavors in every bite.


Number of portions
  • 75g Santa Maria tortilla chips

  • 1 Smashed quarter pounder- shredded into 7/8 pieces

  • 2g Santa Maria steakhouse

  • 60g Santa Maria cheese sauce

  • 30g Gherkin diced

  • 30g Burger sauce

  • 10 g Crispy onion

  • Chive

How to prepare

Here are our quick and simple steps to recreate this dish:

  • Cook Burger and season with steakhouse

  • Warm Tortilla Chips and Cheese Sauce

  • Load Tortilla chips with Burger, Cheese Sauce, Gherkin, Crispy onion finish with Burger sauce and chives

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