Nashville Hot Burger

The Nashville Hot! Burger

This is our version of the Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich, from American heritage, our hot and spicy chicken burger will leave anyone who is craving that spicy kick satisfied! We have coated our Chicken with our Santa Maria Chilli rub for great flavour. This seasoning is dusted straight over the cooked chicken, it can also be used to spike a mayo or salsa, or why not mix with oil to create a chilli marinade


Number of portions
  • 1 Fried Chicken

  • 1 Burger bun

  • 2g Santa Maria chilli rub seasoning

  • 40g Buffalo sauce

  • 60g Green Chilli Cheese Sauce

  • 10g Iceberg

  • 20g Honey bacon

  • 20g Santa Maria Sliced Red Jalapeños


  • Onion ring

  • Red chilli, roasted

Buffalo sauce (makes 10 Portions):

  • 260 g Santa Maria Piri Piri Sauce,

  • 15 g Garlic

  • 75 g Butter

  • 40 g White Wine Vinegar

Green chilli cheese sauce (makes 10 Portions):

  • 400 g Santa Maria Cheddar Cheese Sauce

  • 150 g Santa Maria Diced Green Jalapeños

  • 50 g Water

How to prepare

  1. Make the buffalo sauce and green chili cheese sauce in advance.

  2. Fry chicken as per instructions then toss in chili rub.

  3. Cook bacon with a drizzle of honey

  4. Toast bun

  5. Layer Iceberg, Chicken, Buffalo, Bacon, Cheese Sauce and Jalapeños. Top with onion rings and red chili.

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