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Great flavour profiles ready to go creative with

The spice mixes from Santa Maria offer perfectly designed flavour profiles, which means you don’t have to spend time finding exotic flavourings. In addition, those blends can be used for many dishes and occasions. Here are some of our favourite spice mixes and tips on how to use them!

BBQ Sauce & Rub Mix Red Chili & Ginger

Spice mix with a full-bodied taste of chili and ginger, sweetness from pineapple and onion, fresh acidity from lime and lemongrass.
  • Red Chili and Ginger
    Versatile flavouring with Asian character
    • Composed for great usability

    • Rub your choice of ingredient

    • Mix amazing sauces in seconds

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  • Season dressings and dipping sauces 1x1
    Season dressings and dipping sauces

    Mix with mayo or soy sauce to create amazing dressings and dipping sauces.

  • Spice up the veggies 1x1
    Spice up the veggies

    Season corn, zucchini and onion before they’re grilled or baked in the oven.

  • Mix your own marinade 1x1
    Mix your own marinade

    Stir into BBQ sauce to make a marinade for chicken wings or duck breast.

  • Rub pork and chicken 1x1
    Rub pork and chicken

    Use as rub for pork sirloin and chicken before grilling or baking.

  • Flavour your fish 1x1
    Flavour your fish

    Season tuna or salmon and broil it briefly to make a nice tataki.

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Great spice mixes pay off

Exciting flavours are what diners most likely pay extra for. And since spices account for such a small share of the total cost, quality products are worth the price. Premium spice mixes bring the right flavours, scents and colours – in addition, you don’t have to use as much.

Herbes de Provence

Combination of rosemary, oregano, savory and thyme that pairs well with meat, fish and hearty stews.
  • Herbes de Provence
    Classic herb mix that brings you to southern France
    • Great for broths and soups

    • Perfect in vinaigrette

    • Lovely with meats

  • Season the bread 1x1
    Season the bread

    Use as flavouring when making focaccia and other types of bread.

  • Make your own herb oil 1x1
    Make your own herb oil

    Heat up olive oil to 65ºC, add the herbs, put a lid on and let it all soak overnight.

  • Flavour potato wedges 1x1
    Flavour potato wedges

    Sprinkle the herbs over potatoes, also add garlic, oil and salt before roasting in the oven.

  • Crown the pizza 1x1
    Crown the pizza

    Complete your pizza by adding chili flakes and Herbes de Provence.

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Award-winning spices and spice blends

The Superior Taste Award is a recognised seal of world class taste. The jury is 200 people from star restaurants and sommelier associations. Our spice mix Red Chili & Ginger has been awarded with two stars while our Cardamom and Tellicherry Black Pepper both have received three stars, which is the maximum rating.

Jamaican Jerk

Caribbean spice with a unique character thanks to allspice, chili, cumin and garlic.
  • Jamaican Jerk
    Warm and hot flavours from the streets of Kingston
    • Great rub for chicken

    • Perfect flavouring for rice

    • Amazing with exotic fruits

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  • Spice up your confit 1x1
    Spice up your confit

    The hot flavours pair well with slow cooked meats and legumes.

  • Make your own salsa 1x1
    Make your own salsa

    Chop fresh greens and flavour with Jamaican Jerk to make a nice salsa.

  • Season grilled food 1x1
    Season grilled food

    Use as rub or stir into marinades to give your grilled food a Caribbean twist.

  • Mix a cold sauce 1x1
    Mix a cold sauce

    Stir into mayo or sour cream to make a nice sauce for grilled and barbecued food.

  • Make tacos more Caribbean 1x1
    Make tacos more Caribbean

    Try seasoning your taco filling with this spice mix to get the sunny flavours of the Caribbean.

The benefits of Santa Maria spice mixes

  • Smak 4-3

    Carefully selected spices mixed by our taste experts and ground as late as possible to preserve maximum taste.

  • Ekonomi 4-3

    Thanks to a skilled sourcing team, thorough tests and long-term cooperation with the suppliers on site, we can promise top quality products.

  • Hållbarhet 4-3

    All spices come from sustainable agriculture and every producer is certified according to the Global Food Safety Initiative.

More favourites, tips and tricks

  • Chimichurri

    Mix of spices and herbs suitable for cold sauces and dressings. Also use it as flavouring rub for bread and roasted veggies.

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  • Fish Seasoning Lemon
    Fish Seasoning Lemon 

    Spices and tangy lemon bring a flavour boost to fish. This blend is also great flavouring choice for white wine sauces, whipped butters and croquettes.

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  • Jägermix

    Hearty flavours suitable for game dishes and creamy mushrooms sauces. The Jägermix also makes great seasoning for tangy pickles.

  • Chili con Carne
    Chili con Carne 

    Spicy blend perfect for chilies with slow cooked beef, beans and tomato puree. The Chili con Carne blend is also a great choice for börek and filo pastry rolls.

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  • Tandoori

    Indian classic with nice colour and deep flavours. Use it for marinades, stews and yoghurt-based sauces, but also soups with sweet potatoes.

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  • Paneng Red Curry
    Paneng Red Curry 

    Complex blend that’s great for chicken and vegetable marinades. This curry might also be used as rub for beef and seasoning for dipping sauces.

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The right taste in no time

Our taste expert Leah presents her favourite blend and how much time can save by using spice mixes from Santa Maria.

Dive deeper into the world of spices and herbs!