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Black Pepper from India

Tellicherry is probably the best black pepper in the world. It’s fruity and aromatic with a pleasant kick. Each one of these large peppercorns has a thick, aromatic husk and a core with piperine, which makes it hot. Lower quality pepper develops less essential oils and a stickier heat with more of a tea tree oil flavour.

About our Tellicherry Black Pepper

  • Pepper Growing 4x3
    • Kerala, India

    • Karnataka, India

    • Araku, India

  • Pepper Harwesting 4x3
    • The black pepper grows as a vine on trees

    • Perfectly ripe peppercorns are picked by hand

    • Sun drying makes the pepper turn from green and red to black

  • Pepper Hero 4x3
    • Tellicherry Garbled Special Extra Bold (TGSEB), which is the highest grade and the largest peppercorns (>4,75 mm in diameter)

    • 3 stars (top rating) at Superior Awards 2023

  • Pepper Pile 4x3
    We promise
    • Only perfectly ripe Tellicherry Black Pepper from India

    • Pepper bought directly from the farmers/companies on site

    • 100% whole peppercorns sold as grains or ground right before packaging

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Great pairings for Tellicherry Black Pepper

  • Black pepper is actually a super pairing for all kinds of fruits and sweet desserts, where the fruity and citrusy notes play a major role.

  • The Italian cuisine proves that black pepper can be the main spice in many pasta and meat dishes. The classic carbonara is a good example.

Cinnamon Hero 4x3

Cinnamon from Indonesia

This cinnamon (Cassia Burmannii) has an intense and full-bodied taste with hints of almonds and marzipan. It’s the dried inner bark from the cassia tree, which can reach up to 18 meters in the wild. Even though this type of cinnamon is native to Indonesia, it might be referred to as “Chinese cinnamon” or simply “cinnamon”.

About our Cinnamon (Cassia Burmannii)

  • Cinnamon Leaf 1x1
    • The bark of tropical evergreen trees

    • Reach up to 18 meters high in the wild

    • Cultivated trees are usually kept shorter

  • Cinnamon Cuting Bark 1x1
    • The inner bark is gently peeled off the tree

    • Pieces of cinnamon bark is dried properly

    • Continuous observation is needed to avoid mould and other infestations

  • Cinnamon Bark 1x1
    • The bark is mild in the top of the tree and strong closer to the ground due to the level of essential oils

    • By mixing pieces from different parts of the tree, we get nice flavours

  • Cinnamon Hero 1x1
    We promise
    • Only whole and carefully checked pieces of cinnamon from Indonesia

    • Cinnamon bought directly from the farmers/companies on site

    • All grinding inhouse to guarantee the right flavours

Cinnamon Pairing 4x3

Great pairings for Cinnamon

  • This type of cinnamon paired with ginger is the true flavour of Christmas. Its pleasant menthol aroma works so well in sweet foods, which also makes it the perfect choice for cinnamon rolls.

  • Cassia cinnamon is also common in Moroccan tagines, Indian garam masalas and Chinese five spice blends because of its warm and spicy aroma.

pimento-de-la-vera fields
Pure Craftsmanship

Smoked Paprika from Spain

This precious powder is made from smoke-dried paprika pods. Thanks to the traditional process where perfectly sun-ripened paprikas are smoked over oakwood, it gets a sweet, smoky, rustic and deep taste. This characteristic set of flavours is a must-have in Spanish classics like Chorizo and Paella.

About our Smoked Paprika

  • Paprika Growing 1x1
    • Paprika seedlings are grown in trays

    • Cultivated in green houses

    • Planted in the fields of southwestern Spain

  • Paprika Hero 02 1x1
    • After three months, the paprikas are picked by hand

    • They’re put in brick houses to smoke-dry over oakwood for 8–10 days

    • Finally, the paprikas are ground by using stone wheels

  • Paprika Powder 1x1
    Seal of quality
    • True Pimentón de la Vera

    • The La Vera area is world-renowned for its smoked paprika

    • Sometimes this paprika is referred to as the “Red Gold of Vera”

Smoked Paprika Pairing 4x3

Great pairings for Smoked Paprika

  • Our Smoked Paprika powder brings the hearty and bold smoke flavour, usually associated with smoked meats, straight into the vegetarian dishes.

  • It’s also a great taste companion for shellfish and devilled eggs.

Oregano Hero 4x3

Oregano from South America

We believe the best oregano grows at 2 300 meters above the sea level, in South American countries like Peru. It develops small leaves and a lot of small flowers, which add to the high level of essential oils and great taste. That’s where our fresh, grassy and minty oregano grows.

About our Oregano

  • Oregano Growing 1x1
    • The oregano bush prefers high altitudes

    • It blooms once or twice a year

    • The taste is best right before blooming

  • Oregano Piles 1x1
    • Our oregano is airdried and cleaned thoroughly

    • We remove all sticks and stems

  • Oregano Cuting 1x1
    • The taste differs a lot depending on the origin

    • That’s why we buy different varieties for our different spice blends

  • Oregano Hero 1x1
    We promise
    • Pure and naturally processed oregano in every bag

    • Only leaves and flowers, no sticks or stems

    • Always airdried, never heat- or freeze dried

Oregano Pairing 4x3

Great pairings for Oregano

  • Oregano pairs well with tomatoes and basil. That’s one reason why it’s a staple in the Italian cuisine.

  • The minty and citrusy aroma of oregano is perfect with all kinds of citrus. A good way to use this power pair is together with feta cheese and summer vegetables like zucchini and asparagus.

Chili Hero 4x3
not only hot

Chili from North America, Africa and India

Of course, chili is used in food to add heat. But true chili enthusiasts know that it adds so much more. Chili brings amazing taste and a big palette of different flavour notes. We source chilis from different parts of the world to offer as much chili flavour as possible.

Our selection of chilis

  • Ancho Style Chilli Pepper 1x1.jpg
    Ancho Style Chili Pepper

    Dried poblano chili with mild heat, sweet taste and a hint of fruitiness.

    Taste: Round, sweet, musty, mild, notes of tobacco, liquorice and plums
    Origin: USA

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  • Guajillo Chilli Pepper 1x1.jpg
    Guajillo Chilli Pepper

    Dried and mildly spicy chili with sweet, tangy and slightly herbyflavours.

    Taste: Green tea, fruity, acidic and similar to cranberries
    Origin: Mexico

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  • Chipotle Chilli Pepper 1x1.jpg
    Chipotle Chilli Pepper

    Smoke-dried jalapeño pepper with balanced heat and rich, smoky notes.

    Taste: Musty, deep and smoky
    Origin: Mexico

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  • Cayenne Pepper 1x1.jpg
    Cayenne Pepper

    Hot chili pepper mainly used for its sharp, fiery and fruity taste.

    Taste: Slightly fruity and very hot
    Origin: India

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  • Piri Piri Chilli Pepper 1x1.jpg
    Piri Piri Chilli Pepper

    Very hot and pretty small pepper also known as “Bird’s Eye Chili”.

    Taste: Direct and clean heat
    Origin: Various African countries

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