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Our responsibility and goals

As an international company in the food and beverage industry we have a huge responsibility for climate and health. Sustainability is a deal-breaker in every decision we make. Step by step we improve our own operations and make it easier for others to make sustainable choices. Until 2030, we focus on the following areas, which answer to the Global Goals.

Focus areas

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Focus area #1
Health and well-being of people and planet.
  • Goal
    70% of our net sales come from products and services that enable health and well-being of people and planet.

  • Step recently taken
    The products in our portfolio are nearly 100% plant based.

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Focus area #2
Fair and inclusive way of working.
  • Goal
    100% of the raw materials from high-risk areas come from sustainable sources verified by external parties.

  • Step recently taken
    All our coffee comes from verified sustainable resources.

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Focus area #3
Climate action and circularity.
  • Goal
    80% less greenhouse gas emissions from own operations and 50% less in our value chain. All our packages should be recyclable and made from renewable or recycled materials.

  • Step recently taken
    Carbon neutral roasteries in Vuosaari and Porvoo.