The smartest snacks ever
Take the shortcut to unique snacks. Just cook, flavour and serve. Easily create snacks for every occasion.
Cold Brewed Delights
Not iced nor hot, but coffee brewed for hours by using cold water. It gives a silky-smooth taste, ease of use and the key to hundreds of curiosity-sparking ...
Tazza Chocolate Treats
Chocolate drinks are comforting treats for all seasons. They are great options for non-coffee drinkers and perfect when celebrating special occasions. If y ...
Workplace café
Coffee is an office essential. It brings colleagues together for casual conversations. It’s there when important meetings take place and big decisions are ...
Nordic Espresso
The perfect espresso should not be complicated affair. Our solution for cafés and restaurants takes care of the espresso art and science, so you can take c ...
Powerful Veggies
A new level of cooking, where veggies are the heroes treated with all the love meat and dairy products has always got.
Tacos & Tostadas
Some of Europe’s favourite dishes – all the way from Mexico and all the way from familiar to trendsetting.
The Taste of Fire
Inspiration that takes you around the lovely world of grilled and barbecued food – from Texas to Tokyo.
Handy Bites
Easy ways to create flexible servings for delivery, take-away, enjoying on the go or on the spot.
Time for Tea
Elevate your business with the beverage that has been enjoyed by humans for ages. Level up your tea game with key knowledge and premium blends.