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Nordic espresso - Espresso is growing
Espresso is growing

The espresso consumption is already mature in the Baltics and it’s growing in Finland, especially as international café chains enter the market.

Nordic espresso - Home baristas have raised the coffee bar
Home baristas have raised the coffee bar

Consumers have invested in coffee appliances at home and are now looking for even better experiences when going out.

Nordic espresso pouring cappucino
Pros need pros

Cafés and restaurants are facing a challenge in retaining skilled staff because of frequent turnover of employees. It means the knowledge and experience have decreased.
So, there’s a need for skilled partners and providers.

Nordic espresso serving a cappucino

Espresso made with purity and precision in every detail

Paulig PRO offers all you need to serve great tasting espresso drinks – completely hassle-free. We provide you with everything from carefully roasted coffee beans and top-notch espresso machines to barista training. This reflects our Finnish mentality of doing things properly, with precision in every detail. It also taps into the simplicity and freshness of the New Nordic cuisine. That’s why we call the concept Nordic Espresso.

The full espresso package where nothing is left to chance

  • Coffee beans
    Premium espresso blends

    Soft or strong, nutty or chocolaty, traditional dark roast or avantgarde light roast – you’ll find it all in the Paulig PRO espresso assortment.

    Explore coffee blends
  • Nuova Simonelli feeling picture
    Top-notch espresso machines

    Whether you want endless opportunities or perfect crema by the touch of a button, we can equip you with the perfect espresso machine from a prominent manufacturer.

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  • Maintenance after sales technician
    Maintenance services

    Our SCA trained maintenance team make sure that you offer high quality espressos without any hassle. They also fine-tune the espresso machine to match your choice of coffee beans.

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  • Barista training
    Barista training

    At the Paulig PRO Academy you’re welcome to learn the basics and perfect your latte art skills together with us – online or onsite in Helsinki, Tallinn or Vilnius.

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  • Sales support
    Sales support

    We can also provide mouth-watering point-of-sales material to spark curiosity and make people discover your world of espresso drinks.

Together we identify your needs and make the right choices for your place. Enter your contact details and we’ll be in touch.

Get your tailored espresso setup running!

Costa Rica coffee cherry basket

100% verified sustainable coffee

All our coffee is bought from verified sustainable sources. It’s either certified or sourced through our partnership programs. We can trace it all the way back to the coffee cooperatives, production communities and specific farms. It means the coffee you serve will leave a good aftertaste.

Enjoy these benefits

Great taste in every shot

Combining premium coffee blends with top-notch espresso machines and relevant barista training will give you the great taste in every shot of espresso. Since our service technicians are SCA-certified they will detect any flavour flaws and make sure the machine is fine-tuned to match your choice of espresso beans.

Inspired and skilled staff

Working with great coffee and machines will boost the confidence of your staff. By adding barista training, you level up the creativity and craftmanship to improve the workflow as well as the customer experiences.

Smooth running business

By choosing a top-notch espresso machine you get a reliable workhorse that provide great tasting espressos day after day. Our maintenance team will do checkups at chosen intervals to confirm that it runs as it should. If your coffee machine breaks, it will be fixed quickly to avoid downtime.

Boosted profile and profit

When the espressos taste great, the work flows and the staff keeps evolving, your place will be considered an obvious choice. You’ll get new customer ambassadors – and your profit will get a boost.

Espressos range
Hero product

Oldie but goldie

Espresso Originale is our first espresso blend. It was launched in 1970 and is still a major favourite among coffee lovers thanks to its rich, sweet and round taste with a hint of roasted nuts. This dark roast is a part of the Paulig Espresso line, which stretches from classic originals to modern takes.


How to master the espresso basics

A great espresso calls for delicious espresso beans and some good, clean espresso machine. You also need to know the practices on how to adjust the espresso grinder, level the coffee, tamp it evenly and keep the right brewing time. This video shows the basic steps.

Nordic Espresso RPR
Hero product

Pure flavours and true craftmanship

At the Robert Paulig Roastery we are totally dedicated to artisan coffee, pushing the boundaries of coffee and bringing our customers’ coffee ideas into reality. A great example is the Robert Paulig Roastery Notes of Nature series that offers pure flavours and true craftmanship to please the most demanding aficionados.

Two ways to customise the full espresso package

Nuova Simonelli feeling picture

Master your craft

Endless opportunities to boost creativity and craftmanship

  • Manual espresso machine from Nuova Simonelli with a wide range of adjustment options to suit the needs of each barista

  • Carefully roasted espresso beans

  • Training that makes anyone a skilled barista

  • Maintenance service provided by SCA certified technicians

  • Rewarding sales support

Thermoplan feeling pictures

Barista on demand

No need for specific skills to create coffee magic

  • Fully automatic machine that gives you perfectly steamed milk and golden crema by the touch of a button, either from Jura or Thermoplan (image)

  • Carefully roasted espresso beans

  • Maintenance service provided by SCA certified technicians

  • Training for coffee rookies and veterans

  • Rewarding sales support

Go beyond the classics

In addition to the pure shot of espresso, the classic latte and the cappuccino, here are some uplifting espresso drinks to put on the menu.

The foolproof way to steam milk

The art of latte art is not rocket science. Steaming milk and creating micro foam is pretty easy. You just need to know a couple of basic steps before you’re ready to make lovely cappuccinos, lattes and other espresso drinks where milk is a key ingredient. Here are some tips!

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