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Make your work tastier, easier, smarter.

The Paulig PRO Academy is a training hub for professionals – focusing on how to boost flavours and provide great taste. It is delivered through tutorials, courses and smart, sustainable tips that simplify work and generate a true business impact.

The basics of great coffee

Get to know the basics and tips for great coffee by reading more from the carousel links.
  • Making Espresso PBI


    A good coffee recipe is the key to a perfect espresso. Learn how much coffee you need for espresso and what affects the taste. With espresso you can make wide coffee menu and increase incomes.

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  • Latte Art PRo PBI

    Latte art

    Learn how to make silky and soft milk foam. With good milk you can make a beautiful heart, tulip or rosetta in your coffee.

    Learn the basics
  • Filter coffee PBI

    Filter coffee

    It really does count whether you serve good or bad filter coffee. Consistent quality is the key for loyal customers. In filter coffee training you will learn how to make and serve better filter coffee.

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  • Drinks group PRO

    Most common coffee drinks

    Find out more about the most common coffee drinks from the timeless Espresso to the creamy taste of a Cappuccino. Explore the world of coffee flavors and find your new favorite drink today!

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  • Coffees journey PRO PBI

    Coffee’s journey

    Knowing the story behind coffee better helps you to understand what affects the taste and what is behind the quality and price.

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  • Coffee tasting PRO PBI

    Coffee tasting

    Our senses of smell and taste are the most important tools as coffee professionals. With the guidance of our coffee trainers you will learn how to taste coffee and adjust the coffee recipes in your café.

    Learn coffee tasting
  • Espresso machine steam

    How to clean espresso machine

    Cleaning the espresso machine is really important because you can't get good coffee from a dirty coffee machine.

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Paulig PRO Barista PBI
Full solution

Professional coffee knowledge from Paulig PRO

Paulig PRO offers the ideal coffee setup for your business, whatever you might need. Our solutions include a wide selection of coffee, coffee machines but also tea, hot choco drinks, and everything else that’s necessary to create premium coffee experiences. Our coffee experts arrange barista training's that help you improve your skills and knowledge, no matter what level you’re starting at.  

Drinks group PRO

The list of most common coffee drinks

Find out more about the most common coffee drinks from the timeless Espresso to the creamy taste of a Cappuccino. Explore the world of coffee flavors and find your new favorite drink today!

SCA logo on coffee bush picture
Exceed expectations

SCA trainings in Paulig PRO Academy

We are affiliated to Specialty Coffee Association (SCA), the world's largest coffee trade association. The SCA have put together a world class Coffee Skills Program. Our trainers go through high standard training program. That gives excellent skills for sharing the knowledge to our customers in Finland and Baltics.

Red coffee beans

What happens in a coffee farm

As one of the first large roasteries in the world, all of our coffee beans come from sources that have been verified sustainable. This means that all our coffee is sourced through verified sustainable partnership programmes or certified sustainable sources.
Have you ever wondered what happens in a coffee farm before the beans are roasted by a coffee roastery?

Tea harvest time - PBI

All about tea: tea is food for the soul

Tea is the most widely consumed packaged drink in the world. And the interest in tea is constantly increasing. Here you find some facts and tips about tea gathered by our taste experts.

Some benefits of moving ahead

Better cafe experience PBI
Better customer experience & motivated staff

Customers needs quality and experience that meets their expectations. To meet that, coffee quality needs to be consistently good and worth for money.
A chance to learn new skills often motivates your employees and therefore makes long-term employment.

Less waste Espresso PBI
Less waste & increased cost-effectiveness

With right coffee doses and ways of working with less waste, you will save money. Staff with more confidence and coffee knowledge, will also more happily sell a wider range of products.

Barista making latte art to a coffee
Efficient ways of working & enhanced ergonomics

In the restaurant industry, there is always need for multitasking. When employees know more efficient ways of working, it pays back with the more pleasant feeling to work. Saves steps and provides faster service for customers.

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