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Accurate maintenance of coffee machines

Coffee machine maintenance and services are key to keep the quality over time. All our skilled technicians are SCA Certified, which means they will take care of your professional coffee machine but also support enjoyable coffee experiences for your collegues and guests.

Choose your coffee machine service level

Relax 4-3
Paulig Relax Service

A stress-free way to offer great coffee experiences with no financial surprises. You fill up and maintain the coffee machine. We handle the technical performance of your machine, all repairs and preventive maintenance.

Thermoplan 4 4-3
Paulig Guarantee Service

Enjoy a completely clean coffee machine that helps you serve great coffee day after day. This service level includes everything from “Paulig Relax” and professional cleaning of your coffee machine at chosen intervals.

Full Service 4-3
Paulig Full Service

All you need to do is choose the coffee you want and serve it. We make sure that your selection of products is always available. We also take care of all the necessary coffee machine maintenance operations and repairs.


Additional business services

You can also order a water filtering service from us. If you choose this service, we will always replace your water filter with a new one in connection with scheduled maintenance. A high-quality water filter guarantees clean water and a high-quality drink and minimizes interruptions due to build-up of limescale in the coffee machine.​ That way your water dispenser serves your clients and employees at all times.

Service 4-3
The whole package

Find the right coffee machine spare part

Our coffee solution services provide the most common spare parts for the coffee machines in our selection. Just have a look in our webshop or contact our sales team right away. They’d be happy to help you find exactly what you need. Office coffee machine maintenance has never been easier when you choose Paulig PRO!

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