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Black coffee in a cup
There is room for improvement

Workplace coffee is usually considered to be “ok”. Neither more nor less. From a company management perspective, there is need for a good coffee solution to satisfy employees and grow culture. But this can be challenging to combine with cost-control and convenience.

Nordic espresso - Home baristas have raised the coffee bar
The standards are higher now

People have gotten used to good coffee while working from home. Many have levelled up their choice of produce and equipment to get better experiences. In general, the coffee standards are now higher than before.

Video meeting
Hybrid working is here to stay

Studies claim that hybrid working will be a permanent solution. It means companies need to offer something more than the home office to attract both employees and customers back to the workplace. A premium coffee setup will be important to grow company culture.

Chat over a cup of coffee

Enjoy the power of togetherness

Now is the time to keep enjoying the benefits of working from home, but also the power of togetherness. This concept offers everything you need to make your workplace more of a café. It means a social hub where people like to hang out. And of course, it’s a place where you can enjoy a cup of great coffee – perhaps other treats too. No matter what your needs are, we can give you a perfectly tailored solution.

Adding beans
Full solution

Experience next level office coffee

High-quality beans, top-notch coffee machines and great service are key ingredients for premium coffee. It’s all connected and important to make every cup a true experience. Office coffee is no different. That’s why we take care of the whole process, from choosing the best coffee beans to making your coffee machine run hassle-free.​

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Here's the deal

  • Red coffee beans
    Verified sustainable coffee

    100% of our coffee beans are certified or bought from verified partnership programs in the country of origin. It means sustainable all the way, from the farmer´s hands, to our carbon neutral roastery, where it´s carefully roasted by using renewable biogas.

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  • Thermoplan making coffee
    Top-notch machines

    Modern technology ensures that our coffee machines function reliably and eco-friendly. We’ll make sure the machine and the coffee you choose go well together. And our tasting team will guarantee that your coffee machine is set to maximize the taste – just like in your favourite coffee shop!

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  • Technician Thermoplan coffee machine
    Accurate maintenance

    Service and maintenance are key to keep the quality over time. All our skilled technicians are SCA Certified, which means they will take care of your machine but also support enjoyable coffee experiences for your colleagues and guests.

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  • Jura Giga X8 large fridge cup heater
    Easy online ordering

    Not only high-quality coffees, but everything necessary for office coffee needs, from tea to accessories, conveniently. Place your orders when it suits you and get your stuff quickly. Our webshop is open for business 24/7.​

Workplace Cafe
Business tip

Coffee is your business card

Not only is premium coffee necessary to satisfy your co-workers and grow your company culture. It’s also a great way to treat guests, such as clients and partners. When you get nice coffee, you know that you’re valued.

Coffee-break in cozy corner
Value creation

How premium coffee will support your business

  • More work satisfaction. Quality coffee is a gesture of appreciation.

  • Improved efficiency. Coffee breaks increase productivity and concentration.

  • Positive image. Quality coffee makes a difference for employees and visitors.

  • Conscious business. By choosing Paulig, you support a verified responsible process from farm to cup.

Offer examples for office coffee

Jura Giga X8 large fridge cup heater

For smaller offices (<50 people)

  • Automatic coffee machine from Jura

  • Assortment of coffee from the professional selection

  • Best maintenance service in the market

  • Easy to order coffee, milk and tea from the webshop

Thermoplan4 feeling pictures

For larger offices (>50 people)

  • Super-automatic coffee machine from Thermoplan

  • Assortment of coffee from the professional selection

  • Best maintenance service on the market

  • Easy to order coffee, milk and tea from the webshop

Bradleys tea Peppermint

More than great coffee

Besides hot coffee, we also have a wide assortment of other drinks, like rich Tazza chocolate drinks and organic teas from Bradley´s. A variety of coffee moments are provided by Paulig's, exciting milk coffee drinks from the City Coffee series and the Cold Brew concentrate, from which you can easily prepare a wide variety of coffee drinks.

Image - Coffee break at the office
Full solution

We even do furniture

Perhaps you need a piece of furniture for your coffee machine. The Paulig Coffee Module is specifically designed to serve coffee. We have 90 cm compact solution for small offices and wider versions (135 & 180 cm) for machines making both filtered coffee and espresso-based coffees.

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