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    Whether you need to simplify your everyday operations, create a brand-new concept for your place or spike your menu with some Insta-friendly items, we are here to support you.

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Taste excellence

Tricky challenges call for smart solutions

How do you attract a big audience with a small menu? What are the latest trends and what should be your personal takes on them? How can you get through the rush hours while keeping an efficient way of working and a high level of service? Running a restaurant or a café is a tricky challenge. We know because we do it ourselves. We share your passion for flavours that make a sip or a bite something more than a necessity. And we really want to help you turn your visions into reality. So, we use what we know and what keep learning about your needs. We use those insights to create solutions with impact.

Selected food concepts

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  • Chef preparing tortilla
    Flexible food solutions

    Easy ways to create flexible servings for delivery, take-away, enjoying on the go or on the spot.

    Handy Bites
  • Tacos with different fillings
    From Tex-Mex to pure Mex

    Master Tex-Mex, Cali-Mex, Ko-Mex and pure Mexican cooking – all the way from familiar to trendsetting dishes.

    Tacos & Tostadas
  • Piece of meat on grill
    Grilled and barbecued food

    Inspiration that takes you around the lovely world of grilled and barbecued food – from Texas to Tokyo.

    Taste of Fire
  • Rostad kål med veggieflask av kapris & solroskärnor
    Green food with impact

    A new level of cooking, where veggies are the heroes treated with all the love meat and dairy products has always got.

    Powerful veggies
Coffee takeaway cafe
The full package

Coffee solutions for restaurants & cafés

Whether you want to serve great filter coffee or espresso-based drinks, we have everything you need. Find out more about the premium coffee, equipment, training and maintenance services. Welcome to the one-stop shop.

Selected drink concepts

All concepts
  • Making cappucino
    All you need for excellent espressos

    Full solutions that take care of the espresso art and science, so you can take care of your business.

    Excellent Espresso
  • Bradley's tea teapot, Assam black tea
    Premium tea blends and key knowledge

    Elevate your business with the beverage that has been enjoyed for ages. Level up your tea game with key knowledge and premium blends.

    Time for Tea
  • Cold brew drinks
    Smooth coffee drinks in seconds

    Not iced nor hot, but coffee brewed for hours by using cold water. It’s silky-smooth, easy to use and the key to curiosity-sparking coffee drinks.

    Cold Brewed Delights
  • Tazza  warm and cold drinks
    Treats for all seasons

    Chocolate drinks are great options for non-coffee drinkers and perfect when celebrating special occasions. Tazza is a safe bet and a true favourite.

    Tazza Chocolate Treats
Making latte art, picture from above

Level up your coffee skills

At the Paulig PRO Academy we have a lot of fun while learning - as we guide you from the fundamentals all the way to latte art, different brewing techniques, professional cup tasting and beyond.

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