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Veganism and flexitarianism on the rise

The European vegans were twice as many in 2020 compared to 2016. And those who self-identify as flexitarians now represent about 30% of the entire population.

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The Michelin Guide supports green cooking

In 2021, ONA became first all vegan restaurant to get a Michelin star. This was also the year Michelin introduced green stars for restaurants combining “culinary excellence with outstanding eco-friendly commitments”.

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Europeans are craving for plant-based foods

The plant-based food sector in Europe is growing rapidly. This market grew by 50%, from 2.4 billion EUR in 2018 to 3.6 billion EUR in 2020.

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Business tip

Recognition and excitement make people try

By using what’s familiar in a new way, you will usually get something your guest finds interesting but not too strange. Ginger-beets, baked watermelon and avo-coffee ice cream are all great examples.


Fresh and flavourful ways to start a meal or treat your guest with great snacks.

Main courses

Plant-based centrepieces that put smiles on faces and good feelings in bellies.
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Don’t be a chicken

To make veggie dishes exciting, we must dare to try new pairings. Potatoes are great with nutmeg, parsley and horseradish. But you can also spike it with some chipotle, smoked paprika or pink pepper. Cucumber salads can be made with ginger, wasabi, apple and curry, instead of lemon, olive oil and feta which is the traditional combo.


Sweet finales that increase your average bill.

No more bad avocados

One more avocado in the bin is bad thing for your business. So, what if you could simply avoid those food-wasting time thieves? How about avocados that are green and gorgeous every time? Well, here they are.

Add unique snacks to meals

Add unique snacks to your menu

The new Snack Bases by Santa Maria are vegan and gluten-free. Use them to create your signature snacks in less than a minute by cooking and seasoning with your choice of spices. Serve as bar snacks, paired with drinks and dipping sauces or put them in your food to add crunch and quirkiness!

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