Snack Bases by Santa Maria

The smartest snacks ever by Santa Maria

By using a handful of these snack pellets you get a generous snacks serving at a low cost. Cook the snacks for less than a minute. Then serve with your unique choice of seasoning to make the “homemade” snacking chips extra exciting. You can charge up to 10 times the cost and still, it will be far from expensive. In other words: Small cost and effort. Big impact and margin. The smartest snacks ever.

  • Cook the snacks briefly

  • Flavour the snacks your way

  • Serve the snacks with your favourite drinks, dips or other menu items

Cooked and flavoured

Cooked and flavoured snacks by you

The uncooked Snack Bases are convenient shortcuts to unique snacks. Flavour them however you like – in line with your restaurant, bar or pub concept. Easily turn them into sweet or savoury snacks that are gluten-free, vegan and only available at your place. Serve as bar snacks, finger food or side dishes. Pair with specific drinks to create amazing snack combos or use them in your dishes to add crunch and flavour.

Check out our flavouring tips for the snacks to make them fit your needs.

Snack Bases fra Santa Maria


Snack Base - Lentil Waves

Uncooked snacks that are vegan, gluten-free chips and a great source of protein. When the snacks are cooked and turned into warm lentil chips, they are ready to season. And these DIY snacking chips are perfect for dipping.

Corn Cones

Snack Base - Corn Cones

Uncooked snacks that are vegan and gluten-free snacking chips. Cook the snacks briefly and season with savoury or sweet flavouring. Then serve your unique corn snacks fresh and warm to impress your guests.

What makes these snacks smart?

Smart Storing
1. Smart storing

Store snacks dry and save space during transportation and storage since the Snack Bases expand 3 to 5 times when cooked.

Smart Cooking
2. Smart cooking

Simply deep-fry for 12–60 seconds and you have turned the Snack Bases into freshly made snacks.

Smart Flavouring
3. Smart flavouring

Season your way by using 3–5g spices for 100g of cooked snacks. Find your go-to spices and blends in the wide Santa Maria range.

Smart Serving
4. Smart serving

Serve as signature snacks only available at your place.

Smart Pairing
5. Smart pairing

Bundle with specific drinks and dips to create deals and great flavour combos. Or serve the snacks as sides.

Smart sales
6. Smart sales

Grow the average bill by adding a sauce on the side of the snacks.


How to make lentil chips with Lentil Wave Snack Bases

Before flavouring, pairing and serving your Lentil Waves, they need to be cooked. Simply deep-fry them for 12–15 seconds to make them expand 5 times the size while turning into warm lentil chips.


How to make crunchy snacks with Corn Cone Snack Bases

The Corn Cone Snack Bases should be deep-fried for 25–60 seconds to get fully expanded and crunchy all the way through. When done, the corn snacks are ready to be flavoured your way, paired with your choice of drink and served as your signature snacks.

Snacks with sauce on the side

Download the Snack Base folder

Download the Snack Base folder for more information, tips and inspiration about the unique snacks.

Snacks on food

Add snacks on the meal to add crunch and flavour

Put the snacks in favourite meals to add crunch and flavour. Think of the snacks as exciting replacements for chips or fries. Make them a side dish to a burger, topping on a salad or an ingredient in baked dishes.

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