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People drinking cold brew
A new ice age has begun

Cold coffee is one of the fastest growing trends on the global beverage market. In Finland and Estonia, monthly orders of cold coffee drinks have increased from the past years.

Aeropress coffee making
At-home baristas are going out

Consumers have developed their coffee knowledge at home during the pandemic. They are now looking for higher quality coffee as well as new and interesting coffee experiences.

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Conscious guests want new treats

Many young consumers are looking for heathy, clean label, non-alcoholic refreshments. Based on our latest research, over 40% consumers drink cold coffee drinks on a monthly basis.

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Exceed expectations

Pure brew with smooth taste

Cold Brew has a smooth and pure taste which is less bitter and sour than other coffee. It's easy to learn and easy to love. The Paulig Cold Brew Concentrate is also a clean product brewed with organic coffee and water only.

Cold brew drinks with ingredients
Smart simplicity

Open it, mix it, serve it

We did the 16 hours of brewing for you to serve it in a couple of seconds. Just remember to mix the Cold Brew Concentrate with some kind of beverage before you do. Simply choose soda water for a Cold Brew Soda, milk for a Cold Brew Latte, or lemonade for a Cold Brew Lemonade. Create energy boosting coffee drinks in the mornings and sparkling mocktails or cocktails in the evenings. Your imagination is the only limit.

Best Seasonal Ice Coffee Recipes

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These recipes are a hit this season.

Excitement for everyone!

With the extreme versatility of Cold Brew, you can offer the coffee rookie a flavourful ice latte and the coffee aficionado a coffee ’n’ tonic – both with the same concentrate. It’s really simple and convenient. Unlike other trendy coffee options, cold brew comes without the need for expensive machines, excessive training or fear of fluctuating quality. The ready-made concentrate gives you perfect taste in every pour.

Boost without booze

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Use Cold Brew Concentrate and familiar mixers to level up your mocktails for sunny afternoons this spring and summer.

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Master the basics

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They’re mixed and served in a couple of seconds but will leave silky-smooth memories in the minds of your guests. Try these simple cold brew coffee drinks.
Cold brew decanter with glass
Business tip

Serve it with style

The package is nice, but the value of your coffee drinks will increase when Cold Brew Concentrate is poured from a glass decanter. You’ll find it in our web shop.

Cold and smooth treats

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Mix cold brew coffee with fruits or veggies. Combine with ice cream or rich chocolate. It will be smoother than smooth.
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Value creation

Moments of clarity

The Cold Brew Concentrate is double filtered which makes it crystal clear. So, your drinks will look nice – at your place and in the Instagram feeds of your guests!

Pair your snacks with cold brew drinks

Pair your cold brew drinks with sweet snacks

The new Snack Bases by Santa Maria help you create unique snacks. Just cook them in less than a minute and season with your choice of flavouring. Of course, they can be turned into savoury bar snacks – but you can also go sweet to match your coffee and chocolate drinks. Try crunchy corn snacks with cinnamon and icing sugar for example!