Sushi Bites in Party Suits

Sushi Bites in Party Suits

Unusually eye-catching, quickly cooked and delicious culture clash.


Number of portions
  • 10 Santa Maria Veggie tortilla, Carrot or Beetroot

  • 1 kg smoked salmon

  • 300 g cream cheese, natural

  • 10 nori leaves

  • 250 g cucumber, cut in sticks

  • 250 g Santa Maria Frozen Avocado

  • 150 g ginger gari

  • 100 g raddish, sliced

  • 40 g Santa Maria Wasabi Sesame

How to prepare

  1. Defrost the avocado.

  2. Cut the salmon and cucumber in 2 cm thick sticks. Slice the radish thinly.

  3. Put each tortilla on a piece of plastic film, spread cream cheese over the whole bread and season with Wasabi Sesame.

  4. Add a nori leaf on top of the cream cheese, then a stick of salmon a little bit from the edge.

  5. Put cucumber stick in the opposite direction and avocado wedges on top of the salmon.

  6. Complete the filling by adding gari and radish.

  7. Roll the stuffed tortillas and wrap them with plastic film. Twist the edges of the plastic tightly.

  8. Store the sushi rolls in the refrigerator for approx. 30 min.


Cure salmon to get your own flavour twist and make it more profitable.

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