Tacos with different fillings

Tacos have taken the Nordics by storm

Since the Tex-Mexican cuisine was introduced in the 90’s, Nordic people have become true taco fanatics. In fact, it’s the most popular weekend dish in Scandinavia.

Tortillas in metal basket

Whatever-Mex keeps trending

There’s Tex-Mex, Cal-Mex, Ko-Mex, Indi-Mex, even French-Mex! These Mexican fusions keep popping up all-over the world. Obviously, the Mexican classics are truly inspiring.


12 reasons to have tortillas on hand

Have you ever thought of what to do with tortillas, except tacos and wraps? Do you know how to make your own tortilla chips and how to roll a classic burrito? Right here and right now those answers are just a click away.

Very likeable a la carte

The infinite combos of flavours, colours and textures makes tacos and other mexi classics so easy to love. They can be anything from trending insta-food to safe choices. What’s your take?
Chef folding a tortilla
Business tip

Tacos to the rescue

When you don’t know what to do with your leftovers, simply put them in a taco or burrito. Is there a better way to reduce food waste while increasing profitability and developing the menu?

Peet and carrot tortillas
Business tip

Put Insta-friendly food on the menu

Since people are increasingly choosing what to eat based on the visual appeal of the food, these naturally eye-catching tortillas add a lot of value – for your place and for your guests. They give you Insta-friendly dishes that make photos stand out in the social media feeds.

Perfect buffet food - Tacos & Tostadas

A major reason for the success story of tacos is the opportunity of being involved, trying new combos and putting your own favourites together. That makes it the perfect food for a buffet.

The right tortilla for the job

Tortilla 6-inch

6-inch tortilla

Use the mini tortilla to make the lovely little tacos you find in Californian food trucks or Mexican street kitchens. It can also work as a thin base for small pizzas that are perfect bar snacks, starters or kids’ dishes.

Tortilla 8-inch

8-inch tortilla

The 8-incher is perfect for chimichangas or taquitos. This tortilla is also a great option for small quesadillas served as sides with soups or stews. You can easily turn it into a crispy shell or an edible bowl by baking the tortilla in the oven. 

Tortilla 10-inch

10-inch tortilla

This is the way to go when making wraps, such as Asian summer rolls. The 10-inch tortilla also comes in handy when making snack and starter compatible pinwheels. Other ways of using it are straight up as a side for a genuine birria or as a base for a pizza roll. 

TEST tortilla size 12"

12-inch tortilla

The grand 12-inch tortilla is a great shortcut to a Turkish lahmachunor a folded pizza slice.It is also the perfect choice for a classic burrito, preferably cut it half to show what’s inside of the amazing creation.  


8 ways to use nachos and tortilla chips

You have probably had a classic nacho plate or enjoyed some tortilla chips with guacamole. But there is so much more to do with these crunchy little corn chips. We’ll show you some ways to go.

Grilled tortillas
Business tip

Highway to profit

Tacos means good food, easy preparations and low cost. You don’t need expensive ingredients to make a couple of Chicken Tacos L.A. style, but you can easily charge about 10 euros for them.

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