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Tazza drink with cream and marshmallows
A good treat is more important than ever

Due to lockdown struggles, comforting treats have become more important to people. Since 80% of the European consumers say chocolate makes them happy, choco drinks are perfect ways to boost emotional wellbeing in the post-pandemic era.

Dark chocolate
People crave for consciously produced chocolate

The craving for sustainably produced cacao products is constantly increasing. Consumers want to make sure their favourite chocolates can be enjoyed with a clean conscience.

Tazza in metal cups
We should celebrate more often

There’s so much in life worth celebrating, so we could do it more often. Almost half of the Europeans like to celebrate for any reason. And when they do, 70% prefer to enjoy something chocolaty.

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A full-bodied delicacy that put a smile on people’s faces

Chocolate is a true experience for all senses. The irreplaceable sweet, creamy flavour and aromatic lingering aftertaste is why everyone loves it. You can probably recall your childhood hot chocolates as core memories. But the thing is, grownups also crave for chocolate more than any other treat. Tazza is the bestselling hot chocolate in Finland thanks to its rich and truly unique taste.

Find a right Tazza solution for your business

Tazza machine
Tazza machine

The most convenient way to offer this treat is the Tazza machine. It’s profitable when serving more than 30 drinks a day.

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Tazza concentrate
Tazza concentrate

For smaller volumes than 30 drinks a day, the Tazza faucet pack comes in handy. Just add water or milk!

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Tazza powder
Tazza powder

There’s also the Tazza powder, which is customised for coffee vending machines and available in 3 varieties.

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Tazza hot and cold
Versatility benefit

Enjoy hot or cold!

Tazza is widely known as hot chocolate but can also be enjoyed as a tasty cold beverage. So, it’s a great way to spoil your guests and co-workers all year.

Cacao fruit
Taste the change

All verified sustainable

Every Tazza product is Rainforest Alliance certified. It means the cocoa beans used to make the chocolate are grown and harvested in farms that follow sustainable practices. The farmers are helped to develop methods that support the wellbeing of people and environment. They’re paid extra to increase their own income as well as the quality of the crops.

Easy ways to increased sales

Tazza drink in glass
Go big

Grow your average bill by adding a bigger cup size for real choco lovers. Your local sales manager can support you with point of sales material.

Tazza caramel popcorn drink
Go further

Expand the menu with easy but impactful recipes for choco drinks. You’ll find some below!

Tazza drink with donut
Go combo

Offer Tazza drinks bundled with edible treats to upsell by making the purchase easier. 

Grand chocolate dreams

All drink recipes
When a delicious chocolate drink is not enough, add some creativity to create a grand experience. Perhaps like this.

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