The Taste of Fire

No wonder so many people are obsessed by grilling and barbecuing. Using fire is the oldest way of cooking* and it sure gives the food a certain character.

Grilling skewers

People have rediscovered grilled food

The pandemic kicked guests out of the restaurants, it forced people to meet outdoors and it made us rediscover grilled food. Leading grill manufacturers presented some of their best results ever in 2020.

Grilled meat skewers
Key knowledge

Thank God for the Maillard reaction

Seared meat and veggies, toasted marshmallows and crispy pan-fried dumplings have one thing in common. They are all results of the grill effect known as the Maillard reaction. It occurs when proteins and sugars in our food are transformed by heat, producing new flavours, caramel aromas and golden brownish colours.

Sweet and smoky from the United States of BBQ

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By using sweet BBQ sauces, bourbon whiskey, smoked hickory and hot chili, the US has become a superpower in the world of barbecues. Here are some American classics.
Meat on grill
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Grill vs. Barbeque

Some think grilling and barbecuing are the same thing. They’re not. Both might use the same cooking device, but they are different techniques. Grilling is about cooking small foods, fast and hot, usually without lid and smoke. Barbecuing is about cooking large foods, low and slow, usually with smoke and the lid on.

Master the basics

Glazed meat
Business tip
Glaze to amaze

By adding some BBQ sauce at the end, you get a lovely, shiny, caramelised finish. Your food will be hard to resist and your guests might want to thank the chef in person.

Meat in marinade
Bussiness tip
Marinate overnight

A wet marinade needs hours to do its job properly. Especially when using an enzyme-rich marinade, which makes the meat tender. If you don’t have the time, use a rub instead!

Soaked paper wrapping
Business tip
Let it rest

A couple of minutes after grilling is all it takes to make juices spread evenly through the meat. The result is a tender and delicious piece that won’t lose its juiciness when you cut it.

How to nail a BBQ brisket

A juicy and tender beef brisket is simply astonishing if barbequed correctly. Here’s a quick guide on how to do it.
  • An raw beef brisket
    Step 1
    Gather all ingredients

    Make sure you have everything on hand. A 3 kg piece will feed about 20 people. 

  • A brisket being seasoned
    Step 2
    Rub it in

    Gnid in köttet noggrant med kryddorna. Snåla inte och se till att alla ytor täcks. 

  • Brisket covered in spices
    Step 3
    Check the temp

    Pre-heat the barbecue to 120°C. This is temperature should be maintained throughout.

  • Brisket on grill
    Step 4
    Get cooking

    Put the brisket on the barbecue and go for indirect heat. Close the lid to keep the smoke and leave to cook for 2 hours.

  • Wraping a brisket
    Step 5
    Wrap or not

    When (and if) to wrap is up to you. Wrapping will help you to keep the meatjuicyand prevent anymore smoke flavour to develop. 

  • Wrapped brisket on grill
    Step 6
    Keep cooking

    Continue the cooking for several more hours. The brisket is perfectly cooked when it’s super wobbly and bends as you pick it up. What you’re looking for is the “cut with a spoon texture”.

  • BBQ brisket with jalapenos and onions
    Step 7
    Rest and serve

    Let the brisket rest for at least 30 min. Cut against the grain of the meat. Then serve it. Acidic components like pickles pairs well.

Grilled and BBQ’d from across the globe

The burning love for cooking with fire lives in all cultures, continents and cuisines. Here’s some proof.

3 other ways of using rubs

Oil-based dressing
Rub dressings

Mix equal parts of Chimichurri Rub, water and olive oil. Or Red Chili & Ginger Rub, water, Japanese soy and neutral oil.

Spice butter
Rub butters

Combine room temperature butter with the Chimichurri, Steakhouse or Herbs Rub. Make a roll and put in the fridge. Then use a grater to serve it with style.

Salt flakes (different colours)
Rub salts

Simply mix flaky sea salt with Herbs, Chimichurri or Chipotle & Citrus Rub. Use them to crown your dish.

Beloved burgers

Honestly, who doesn’t love a juicy burger? There are thousands of takes and they can be customised to please any guest. How about these?
Drinks with ice and lime
Exceed expectations

Non-alcoholic BBQ

For those who want something else than beer, an Arnold Palmer is a nice and non-alcoholic option. The drink is named after the legendary golfer and made by using equal parts of iced tea and lemonade. Just mix them and serve with a lot of ice.

How, why and when to use it

Not sure how to use glaze or why to use grill oil? This guide will straighten the question marks.
  • Meat in marinade

    How? Put your meat or veggies with marinade in a plastic bag.

    Why? To flavour and tenderize.

    When? At least an hour before cooking. But preferably overnight.

  • Meat covered in spices, rub

    How? Rub over your meat or veggies. 

    Why? To flavour and colourize in no time. 

    When? Right before you put the stuff on the grill, in the pan or the oven.  

  • Piece of meat on grill
    Grill Oil

    How? Brush over your meat or veggies.

    Why? To boost the grill flavour and promote juiciness.

    When? During the actual cooking.

  • Grilled bird

    How? Brush over your meat or veggies.

    Why? To increase the flavours and get a caramelized finish.

    When? At the end of the cooking.

  • Chicken drumsticks
    BBQ Sauce

    How? Serve as table sauce or use as a glaze.

    Why? To get the true BBQ flavours.

    When? Whenever you want to spoil your guests.

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