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Takeaway boxes of food
The eating habits are changing

Making food portable has become a huge trend as we increase our eating on the go Meanwhile, delivery apps have boosted take-away sales during the last couple of years.

A bicycle food courier
Convenience is the top driver

Most people are constantly looking for ways to simplify their lives. Lack of time is the most common reason for not cooking yourself.

Making a photo of tortillas
Food is the new fashion

These days, food is not just body fuel or flavour experiences to share with friends and family. It’s something that defines who you are. In fact, many people value insta-worthiness over taste.

Favourites refreshed

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Image your favourites turned into plant-based, portable or simply new versions. We believe such takes on familiar dishes are fun, inspiring and easy to like.
Burgers in takeaway boxes
Business tip

Pack smartly

When it comes to warm food, paper bags and boxes are actually better than plastic. Paper absorbs more steam, which keeps the food fresh and things like fries crispy. It also preserves the heat better.

Undiscovered combos

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The unknown is first class foodie fuel. So, how about some tasty combinations that your make your offer interesting as well as profitable?

Draw attention with colourful cooking

Insta-friendliness has become a primary aspect when people are choosing what and where to eat. Dishes that are beautiful, surprising, crazy or visually spectacular in any other way will catch their attention and go online. Playing with colour is one way to make it happen and that’s what this video is all about.

Super childishes

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The international kid’s menu has barely changed during the last decades. Let’s give it a necessary injection of food joy.
BBQ Burger meals
Business tip

Give them a reason. Because it works.

A study* has shown that servers who present their upselling offer and use the word “because” get a 93% hit rate, even with a weird reason. So, next time you suggest something extra, you could try to put it like: Want some fries because it’s Friday?

Lovely little sides

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Honestly, who doesn’t love side orders? They are great ways to expand a meal, enjoy as snacks in between and increase your average bill.

Take the shortcut to authentic taste

Simplifying kitchen operations will support the staff and improve the business. It can be done by taking shortcuts like spice blends already put together and perfectly balanced. They give you authentic flavours in no time – every time. Not convinced yet? Watch the video.

Last delights

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Not only are desserts sweet little ways to finish a meal. They can be prepared in advance and their cost per serving is usually low.
Chocolate brownies on paper plates
Business tip

Deconstruct when needed

If a certain item is not very suitable for take-away or delivery, simply turn it into a DIY dish. Loosely pack all ingredients and include clear instructions on how to heat up and put the stuff together. This way your guest will have a great experience at home.


The foolproof way to comfort food

No matter how much functional foods are trending, a piece of juicy comfort food will always be hard to resist. And the holy grail of such treats got to be Cheddar Cheese Sauce. This handy bestseller can be served straight up as a rich dipping sauce or used in anything from grilled cheeseburgers to killer snacks. It’s the sauce that never fails. Here’s why.

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