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Why to use a water dispenser

Water is essential for everybody during the whole day. By choosing a water dispenser from Paulig PRO you get a stylish and convenient solution that helps you serve water just the way your guests want it, whether it’s still or sparkling, hot or cold. Compared to an ordinary tap a water machine also saves water by keeping it a the right temperature.

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Clean water from dispenser is the key to great coffee

The water quality has a big impact on the flavour when making coffee. Even though tap water is safe, it may contain chlorine, plant-protecting agents and organic impurities. By using a water filter, you can reduce the levels of those substances and improve the taste of your coffee. It also reduces the temporary hardness of water, which causes lime build-up on kettles and other equipment. We can provide you with the right water filter and help you change it regularly to make sure you always use clean water.

Find your water dispenser

  • B&O E4 Water Machine
    Borg & Overström E4 veeautomaat, külm & gaseeritud vesi, hõbedane
  • Borg and Overstrom T2 water machine
    Borg & Overström T2 water dispenser, black

    Sleek water machine that dispenses cold and sparkling water at your desired temperature.

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  • Borg and Overstrom C2 Cold and Sparkling
    Borg & Overström c2 dispenser, Cold & Sparkling, polished chrome

    Convenient water dispenser with the capacity to serve 20 litres of cold and sparkling water per hour.

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Water dispenser according to your needs

Our wide selection includes the best water dispensers for offices, customer service centers, cafés and restaurants. Stylish water machines offer freshness for every day.

Also check out our selection of other beverage machines, such as fully automatic coffee machines and hot chocolate machines. Various ready-made Paulig PRO concepts serve as a perfect solution for your company when you want to take care of the comfort of your cafe, restaurant or workplace. Contact our experts who will help you find the right solution for your company!

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