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Nuova Simonelli espresso makers

When you want true barista equipment to enable all kinds of amazing coffee drinks, a traditional espresso maker is the way to go. We provide state of the art espresso solutions made for professionals by the Italian manufacturer Nuova Simonelli. They combine style and ergonomics with a wide range of adjustment options to suit any barista and every choice of espresso coffee beans.

AppiaLife S 4-3
Reliable and user-friendly

Espresso makers - The Appia Life series

The Appia Life series from Nuova Simonelli includes highly appreciated commercial espresso machines that provide great espresso coffee day after day. They’re reliable, user-friendly and straight forward tools for medium consumption locations. These espresso makers are also the perfect companions for baristas that aren’t fully experienced yet. A Soft Infusion System corrects possible tempering mistakes to secure taste and quality in every shot of espresso.

Appia Life espresso makers

  • Appia Life Volumetric Espresso Machine 1gr
    Nuova Simonelli Appia Life Volumetric espresso maker 1gr 230V white

    Super compact espresso coffee maker with a single group head and everything you need to serve perfectly crafted espressos day after day.

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  • Appia Life Compact Volumetric Espresso Machine 2gr
    Nuova Simonelli Appia Life Compact Volumetric espresso maker 2gr 230V white

    Compact espresso maker with dual group heads and features that help baristas at various skill levels prepare delicious espressos.

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  • Appia Life XT V 2gr 230V Espresso Machine
    Nuova Simonelli Appia Life XT V 2gr 230V espresso maker raised white

    Compact commercial espresso machine with dual group heads and features that help baristas at various skill levels prepare delicious espressos.

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Aurelia Wave 4-3
Exceptional espresso

Espresso makers - The Aurelia Wave series

The Aurelia Wave espresso makers from Nuova Simonelli are perfect options for medium and high consumption locations where you simply don’t compromise on espresso coffee quality. These espresso makers run efficiently and their design as well as barista ergonomics are very well thought-out. The flagship model has been the official competition machine at the Barista World Championships.

Aurelia Wave Volumetric Espresso Machine 2gr

Nuova Simonelli Aurelia Wave Volumetric espresso maker 2gr 380V white

Exceptional commercial espresso machine with a clear 4,3-inch display, ergonomic steam wands, an evenly lid working area and features that enable world-class espressos in an energy efficient way.

Nordic Espresso 4-3
Taste the change

Pamper your guests with Nordic Espresso

We offer a full espresso solution including quality coffee beans, top-notch espresso makers and other equipment, coffee machine maintenance services, barista trainings and sales support. With pure flavours and precision in every detail we tap into the clean simplicity of the new Nordic cuisine. By leaving nothing to chance we reflect our Finnish mentality of doing things properly. That’s why we call it Nordic Espresso.

Latte with a twist

A shot of espresso is the key to some of the world’s most beloved coffee drinks. Latte is definitely one of them. Here are some flavoured takes beyond the classic.
Preparing a coffee drink, latte art
The best of coffee solutions

Choose the highest quality espresso maker

A good and high-quality espresso maker works as a barista's assistant in creating the perfect coffee experience. With the help of an espresso maker, even the most inexperienced barista can get to know the traditional making of espresso and develop into a professional barista.

Also, check out our selection of fully automatic coffee makers and filter coffee makers. If you wish, ask Paulig PRO professionals for a free consultation to choose the right espresso machine, office coffee machine, or coffee bean grinder for your company. We also provide maintenance services as a part of our coffee solutions.

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