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Automatic coffee makers does the work

An automatic coffee maker is the perfect choice when you want barista quality coffee by the touch of a button. We provide first class commercial coffee machines for any need and any location:

Coffee machines for cafés
✓ Coffee machines for restaurants
Coffee machines for offices
✓ Coffee machines for shops

By choosing a coffee maker from Paulig, your coffee will taste great day after day. We promise. We also provide full coffee machine maintenance services as a part of our coffee solution services.

Coffee station - Thermoplan coffee machine
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Thermoplan automatic coffee makers

The fully automatic coffee makers from Thermoplan do everything flawlessly, from grinding beans to making perfect milk foam. They combine the highest Swiss quality with cutting-edge innovation and they’re suitable for high consumption locations, like cafés, restaurants and big offices. With the Thermoplan Black & White automatic commercial coffee machines you easily create delicious espressos, cappuccinos and black coffees, but also more special coffee drinks and cold drinks.

Top choices from Thermoplan coffee makers

  • Thermoplan Black & White 4 CTM2
    Thermoplan Black & White 4 CTM2 RL automatic coffee maker

    Fully automatic coffee maker with a 9-litre refrigerator and a 10-inch LCD screen that can be programmed for 12 products of your choice.

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  • Thermoplan Black & White 4C CTM2
    Thermoplan Black & White 4C CTM2 P RS automatic coffee maker

    Efficient and fully automatic coffee maker with two bean hoppers and a 7-inch touch screen.

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  • Thermoplan Black & White 4C CTM
    Thermoplan Black & White 4C CTM automatic coffee maker

    Compact but very competent coffee maker meant to be used with a separate milk refrigerator.

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Jura 2023 4-3
Exceed expectations

Jura automatic coffee makers

In Jura fully automatic coffee makers, ease of use is seamlessly combined with stylish design and a perfect coffee experience. The end result is always a perfect coffee drink ground from coffee beans. Jura is also perfect for tea lovers. If necessary, our coffee solution service also offers maintenance and spare parts for Jura devices.

Top choices from Jura coffee makers

  • Jura X8 Platinum
    Jura X8 Platinum automatic coffee maker

    Robust and versatile coffee maker with an adjustable double nozzle that enables two drinks being dispensed simultaneously.

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  • Jura Giga X8c
    Jura Giga X8c Gen II automatic coffee maker, black

    High-capacity automatic coffee maker with ceramic bean grinders that ensure durability and precise coarseness.

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  • Jura WE8 Chrome
    Jura WE8 Chrome automatic coffee maker

    Elegant and quiet coffee maker with a user-friendly TFT display and an automatic cleaning program.

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Sileo 2023 4-3
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An automatic filter coffee maker

The automatic Sileo coffee maker is made for filter coffee lovers. Coffee is made from freshly ground beans and filtered through filter paper – one cup at a time. It offers a wide selection of drinks to please every guest or user in offices and other workplaces. The machine provides great coffee but also has a separate hot water outlet for tea lovers.

Image - Jura machine Hare

We also have recycled machines

Did you know that you can also buy used coffee machines from us? The selection varies depending on the situation. Please ask more from our Paulig PRO sales team.

Image - Coffee break at the office
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How to choose an automatic coffee maker

A good coffee maker is the key to an enjoyable coffee moment. At its best, a high-quality automatic commercial coffee machine improves your business. Also check out our other machines, like filter coffee machines, espresso machines and coffee bean grinders.

We have gathered the best tips for choosing the right coffee maker for your company. Whether you need it for the workplace, a café, a restaurant, or any other business - our guide provides tips on what to consider when choosing the right machine.

You can also always request a free consultation from Paulig PRO's professionals. Our experts are happy to guide you in choosing the right machine and can make a tailored proposal that suits your needs.

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