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A coffee bean grinder is the barista’s best friend

✓ A coffee bean grinder enables the right grind size in relation to the brewing time.
✓ A coffee grinder is the key to a perfectly extracted coffee.
✓ Precise grinding with bean to cup coffee machine enables great taste.

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It's a fact

A coffee bean grinder enables a perfect coffee

By grinding the coffee beans right before brewing you get freshest flavours and the maximum taste. So, if there’s time and space for it, add a filter coffee grinder to your coffee station to level up the experience.

Examples of our best coffee bean grinders

  • Bunn FPGA-2 DBC grinder
    Bunn FPGA-2 DBC coffee bean grinder

    Coffee bean grinder with two bean hoppers for French press and glass decanter brewers.

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  • Bunn GVH-3A coffee grinder
    Bunn GVH-3A coffee bean grinder

    Sleek coffee bean grinder that offers total control and precision grinding into a variety of common bags, cans and containers.

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  • Nuova Simonelli MDXS espresso grinder white
    Nuova Simonelli MDXS espresso bean grinder white

    Silent espresso bean grinder with an LCD display and plenty of adjustment options.

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Find the right beans for your grinder

  • Espresso Barista
    Paulig Espresso Barista coffee beans 4x1kg Rainforest Alliance

    Strong espresso blend with chocolaty notes and a perfect balance of sweet, bitter, sour and rich flavours.

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  • Espresso Favorito
    Paulig Espresso Favorito coffee beans 4x1kg Rainforest Alliance

    Rich espresso blend with a velvety soft flavour and caramelised sugar nuances.

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  • Espresso Traditional
    Paulig Traditional Espresso kohvioad 4x1kg Rainforest Alliance
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  • RPR Non Ulappa
    Robert Paulig Roastery Notes of Nature Ulappa espresso coffee beans 5x1kg

    Soft but powerful espresso blend with a full-bodied taste, walnut nuances and a dark, chocolaty aftertaste.

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Choose carefully

The secret to perfect coffee is a high-quality grinder

When choosing the coffee maker, first think about where you are going to use it. In a small offices you may not need a high-capacity coffee machine, but in larger places for example in cafés and restaurants, you need more durability and performance. Ceramic grinders are often quieter, while stainless steel grinders are more durable for large amounts of coffee.

If you wish, you can ask Paulig PRO professionals for a free consultation on choosing the right coffee grinder. Also check out our selection of espresso makers and fully automatic coffee makers. With our coffee solutions services we also offer coffee machine maintenance and spare parts service for companies!

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Taste matters

What kind of coffee bean is suitable for the grinder

The selection of coffee beans has grown year by year, and there are many different degrees of roasting, such as a ground version as well as the coffee beans themselves.

Get to know our wide selection of coffee beans and choose the best flavors just for your company's needs. You get coffee beans for restaurants, cafes and offices through our coffee solution service! Alternatively, you can also order the desired coffee beans from our online store.

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