Bonamat Mondo
Full solution

When you need quantity and quality from coffee maker

The high-quality coffee makers and commercial coffee machines provide the best filter coffees for all consumption needs – from offices and cafés to canteen lines and from small to big events. With container, decanter and airpot brewers, provided by Paulig, your will offer the same great taste day after day.

Bunn ICBA ThermoFresh
Smart simplicity

Making coffee accurate and efficient

The Bunn ICBA coffee maker machines ensure the right extraction at all times. These commercial coffee machines can be programmed for different roasting profiles to make sure you always get the desired aroma. They filter coffee right into a ThermoFresh container, which is easy to handle for employees and guests. With an additional serving base, you can place the coffee station anywhere.

Other great coffee makers

  • Bunn ICBA Container Brewer
    Bunn ICBA Container Coffee Maker

    The most efficient coffee maker machine in its size class, producing 34,5 litres of coffee per hour.

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  • Bunn ThermoFresh
    Bunn ThermoFresh small container for ICBA brewer, GEN3

    Insulated 3,7 litre container for the Bunn ICBA brewer.

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  • Bravilor Bonamat B10E
    Bravilor Bonamat B.10.E Coffee Maker 400 V, 2 x 10 l coffee containers

    Reliable and user-friendly commercial coffee machine for two 10 litre containers.

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  • Bravilor Bonamat VHG
    Bravilor Bonamat VHG 10 230V Coffee Container with electrical heating 10 l

    10-litre filter coffee container with double wall insulation that keeps your coffee hot for a long time. 

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Bonamat hotplate
Value creation

Filter coffee makers does the work

Do you need a traditional coffee maker with glass decanter for the cashier line or a commercial coffee machine that makes coffee right into a thermos container for the conference room? Our professional filter coffee makers from Bunn and Bravilor Bonamat make high-quality coffee in locations where high production capacity is required. They’re easy to use, clean and keep running perfectly.

Find the perfect coffee maker for you

  • Bravilor Bonamat Matic Twin
    Bravilor Bonamat Matic Twin 400V Coffee Maker

    Coffee maker with a 1,8-litre water tank, 4 glass decanters and 2 filter pans.

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  • Bravilor Bonamat Mondo brewer
    Bravilor Bonamat Mondo Coffee Maker

    Manually filled decander machine that makes 1,5 litre of coffee in 5 minutes.

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  • Bravilor Bonamat THA20 brewer
    Bravilor Bonamat THA20 Coffee Maker

    Stainless steel commercial coffee machine with a water connection and a 2,2-litre water tank.

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  • Bunn VP17A-2 brewer
    Bunn VP17A-2 Coffee Maker

    One of the fastest filter coffee maker machines on the market, providing 1,5 litre of coffee in only 3,5 minutes.

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Accessories 4-3
The whole package

Accessories for better coffee experiences

In addition to coffee makers and coffee blends we offer the accessories needed to optimise your brewing. We can provide you with suitable filter papers, cups for serving and cleaning agents to keep your machine running perfectly. We also offer portion bags designed to fit our professional coffee machine. They make sure you get the right amount of coffee in every brew. Don't forget to check also our automatic coffee makers, coffee bean grinders and espresso makers! Paulig PRO full coffee solutions provide coffee machine maintenance and spare part service.

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