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Salsa is the perfect sauce for school meals

– Veggie-based sauces packed with flavours
– Ready to serve as topping or dip
– Easily turned into your signature sauces
– Perfect as juicy spices mixes in your cooking

Explore the whole range

The Santa Maria range features six juicy salsas that complement each other taste wise. Explore the full assortment!
  • Taco Sauce Pack 1-1
    Taco Sauce Mild

    A classic with sweetness from ripe tomatoes and a clear hint of cumin.

  • Chunky Salsa Pack 1-1
    Chunky Salsa Medium

    Chunky salsa with a full-bodied taste, sweet tomatoes and spicy chilies.

  • Smooth Salsa Pack 1-1
    Smooth Salsa

    Smooth salsa with pleasant chili heat, fresh acidity and notes of oregano.

  • Mexican Salsa Roja Pack 1-1
    Salsa Roja

    Complex salsa relish with red bell pepper and nice balance of sweet and sour.

  • Salsa Rio Grande pack 1-1
    Salsa Rio Grande

    Flavourful salsa with high acidity, defined garlic nuances and deep umami.

  • Mexican Salsa Verde Pack 1-1
    Salsa Verde

    Juicy tomatillo salsa with soft vegetal flavours, tangy lime and subtle bitterness.

Mac n Cheese with Bean Mash

One sauce for many dishes

– The same salsa can be used in many ways
– Elevate any item on the weekly menu
– Salsa adds fresh taste and juiciness
– Perfect for anything from soups to meatballs

Kid’s favourites refreshed

Use salsa to create new and curiosity-sparking meals.
Salsa favourite 4-3

A true salsa favourite

Our mild Taco Sauce is a true favourite with fine pieces of ripe tomatoes, balanced sweetness and a hint of cumin.

Salsa is the easy way to cater every kid

The pure veggie content of the salsas makes it easy to cater everybody, even if there are special preferences!
  • Lactose intolerant 4-3
    “I’m lactose intolerant”

    No problem, the salsas are completely lactose free.

  • Vegan 4-3
    “I’m a vegan”

    Don’t worry, the salsas are 100% plant-based.

  • Kosher food 4-3
    “I only eat kosher food”

    Alright, then salsa is the perfect sauce for you.

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How to cook sustainable meals for school kids

Find recipe inspiration, tips and tricks that help you cook tasty and healthy food that ends up in the bellies instead of the bins.

Hero Smarter Sauce 4-3

Make your signature sauce

Simply combine your choice of flavourings with a Santa Maria salsa to create your signature sauces for topping, dipping and dressing.

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