Our salsas will change your cooking game

– Veggie-based sauces
– Packed with taste
– Ready to serve, tweak or use as flavouring
– Streamline your workflow
– Unlock new cooking opportunities

Salsa Verde Plating 4-3

Serve right away

– Topping or dip
– Part of a dish
– Optional side to boost upselling

Hero Smarter Sauce 4-3

Make your own sauce

– Combine salsa with various flavourings
– Shortcut to unique and amazing sauces
– Helps you create an exciting menu

Plating 4-3

Cook with salsa

– Use the Santa Maria salsas as juicy spice mixes
– Perfect for anything from chili to gazpacho
– Consistent level of taste and texture

One sauce for multiple dishes and occasions

A single salsa can help you boost the entire menu. Use it for multiple dishes and occasions to save time, money and waste.
  • Tomato Vinaigrette 4-3

    Top a fresh salad with salsa to add excitement without losing health points.

  • Superbowl Chili 4-3

    Serve salsa with meats to bring flavour while freshening up such heavy dishes.

  • Acili Ezme 4-3

    Pour salsa into smaller cups and serve with snacks to elevate the experience.

Baked aubergine salsa rio grande 4-3

Salsa helps you cater everybody at the table

– Pure veggie content
– Lack of potential deal-breakers
– The perfect sauce for every guest

The complete salsa range

There’s a salsa for almost every dish. Discover our wide salsa range and see how the products complement each other taste wise.
  • Taco Sauce Pack 1-1
    Taco Sauce Mild

    A classic with sweetness from ripe tomatoes and a clear hint of cumin.

  • Chunky Salsa Pack 1-1
    Chunky Salsa Medium

    Chunky salsa with a full-bodied taste, sweet tomatoes and spicy chilies.

  • Smooth Salsa Pack 1-1
    Smooth Salsa

    Smooth salsa with pleasant chili heat, fresh acidity and notes of oregano.

  • Mexican Salsa Roja Pack 1-1
    Salsa Roja

    Complex salsa relish with red bell pepper and nice balance of sweet and sour.

  • Salsa Rio Grande pack 1-1
    Salsa Rio Grande

    Flavourful salsa with high acidity, defined garlic nuances and deep umami.

  • Mexican Salsa Verde Pack 1-1
    Salsa Verde

    Juicy tomatillo salsa with soft vegetal flavours, tangy lime and subtle bitterness.

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