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Smart simplicity

Hot chocolate makers for a perfect hot drink experience

The fully automatic Tazza hot chocolate maker is the way to quickly and conveniently serve perfect Tazza cocoa. Around 120 cups of hot choco can be prepared from a single four-litre Tazza choco drink concentrate package. The machine also has an automatic flushing and cleaning program which makes it easy to maintain.

Tazza 4-3
Taste excellence

Making Finland’s best-selling hot chocolate

Chocolate drinks are rich treats for every guest and every season. They offer the non-coffee drinker a comforting beverage and they make special occasions even more special. You can serve it right away or easily turn it into an amazing signature drink. If you want to offer a true favourite, go for the best-selling hot chocolate in Finland – the legendary Tazza hot chocolate. Directly to cup from hot chocolate maker.

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The whole package

Offer snacks from vending machine on demand

A vending machine makes snacks, sweets and beverages available for you and your guests whenever you need them. We provide a couple of options that are suitable for offices and various customer service facilities. They keep your chosen items in the perfect temperature and ready for anybody to order.

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The best of hot drinks

Choose the highest quality cocoa maker

Every employee, customer and partner appreciates a cup of hot drink to cheer up the day. Alongside coffee, cocoa is the perfect option to bring a touch of luxury, comfort and sweetness into everyday life. In addition to the hot chocolate machine, we also offer water machines and coffee machines for companies.

Searching for coffee solution? Check out our selection of fully automatic coffee machines. Various ready-made Paulig concepts serve as a perfect solution for your cafe, restaurant or workplace. Contact Paulig PRO's experts and they will help you find the right solution for your company!

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