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Our universe of spices

How spices are grown, harvested and handled from plant to plate are all important factors. And sometimes it might not be the country that we associate with a certain spice that offers the best variety. To obtain the highest quality, we go to the pepper plantations in southwest India, the oregano fields in Peru and the vanilla farmers in Madagascar. Instead of just looking for the best price and frequently replace our suppliers, we make sure they have everything they need, and that we pay a fair price for their amazing products.

Great spices from plant to plate

  • 1. Specification
    1. Specification

    Our R&D, Quality and Procurement teams make a detailed specification on what spices we want, including taste preferences, etheric oil content, food safety requirements etc.

  • 2. Supplier selection
    2. Supplier selection

    We carefully select the suppliers that match our requirements and company values.

  • 3. Sustainable farming
    3. Sustainable farming

    Together with agronomists at the suppliers we make sure that everything from sowing to harvesting is done right.

  • 4. Sorting, cleaning and heat treatment
    4. Sorting, cleaning and heat treatment

    The harvested spices are passed on to facilities where they are sorted, cleaned and in most cases heat treated.

  • 5. Testing multiple times
    5. Testing multiple times

    Every batch of spices is thoroughly tested at the supplier, at arrival in our spice factory and finally before packing.

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    6. R&D support and development

    Our R&D team is deeply involved throughout the process. They are gatekeepers of taste and every spice blend we launch is created by them.

  • 7. Production and packing
    7. Production and packing

    With a few exceptions we only buy whole spices to maximise the taste and minimise the risk of food fraud. All grinding and packaging are done in our own spice factory.

  • 8. Guidance and inspiration
    8. Guidance and inspiration

    To enable the best possible taste, we constantly provide our customers and their customers with guidance, education and inspiration.


Taste is our passion

For over 100 years, our company has been on a mission to find the best-tasting spices and herbs in the world. To understand what flavours people love, we do plenty of sensory tests –both with consumers and expert panels. Thanks to those tests, we can define spice profiles and provide our suppliers with very detailed specifications of how each spice should taste. By choosing whole spices (currently 95% of the assortment), we minimise the risk of unwanted content. This also makes the products as fresh and flavourful as possible.

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Quality in every detail

When plants grow in perfect weather conditions, they naturally produce great spices. So, choosing suppliers at the right locations is one of the keys to quality. Another one is long-term cooperation with specific suppliers. We don’t buy any products from spice markets since we wouldn’t be able to control the origin or content. In our spice factories, every batch of spices needs to pass visual check-ups, siftings, tastings and lab analysis to end up in a Santa Maria package.

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Sustainability put into action

With almost 600 suppliers and value chains stretching to nearly 80 countries, we can make an impact when it comes to sustainability. To make sure that our suppliers meet our requirements within human rights and working conditions, we make regular visits at our suppliers’ and work together to continue working in the right direction. To make our own factories carbon neutral, we’ve made several actions during the past years. With these initiatives, the emissions from our factories have been cut by 98% since 2014.

Paulig collaborates with Save the Children

Since 2014, Paulig has worked together with Save the Children to improve children’s lives in the countries of origin. Our work is focused on making difference for children in 30 spice-growing villages in India – and we have seen some amazing results!
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    A Paulig-funded pre-study of the situation in these villages showed alarming results: A significant share of the kids was not enrolled in school.

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    • Get all children (6–14 years) in the 30 villages to complete elementary school in a safe and conductive learning environment.

    • Make this project a blueprint to be used in other villages, regions and countries.

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    To make a real and lasting difference, we have targeted the issue from multiple angles. The keys have been to protect children’s rights, partner up and get all stakeholders onboard. It takes collaboration to break the vicious cycle of poverty.

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    • Over 1400 children have been enrolled in school, who prior to the project did not get an education.

    • By the end of 2022, we saw a 95% school attendance rate in the 30 villages!

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