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Paulig PRO caters your convenience business

Convenience outlets account for 30% of the total take-away coffee sales in Finland, making it an important segment for Paulig PRO and a great opportunity for our customers. However, we know that many operators struggle to stand out while dealing with limited time, space and competence. That’s why we’re here to support you.

Why quality coffee is the way forward

  • Boost Sales 1x1
    Coffee sales boost other sales
    • Coffee is a great way to attract customers.

    • A third of the Finns buy take-away coffee at least once a month.

    • If coffee sales increase by 5% other sales usually follow with 2%.

  • Quality Coffee 1x1
    The timing is right for quality coffee
    • Taste and value are the top purchase drivers as people look for affordable treats.

    • Within the affordable, many consumers are willing to trade up.

    • This phenomenon, known as “the lipstick effect”, makes quality coffee relevant.

  • Target Group 1x1
    New target groups bring opportunities to grow
    • With a variety of great tasting, sustainable coffee, you can attract new target groups.

    • Conscious youngsters, women in general and busy careerists are not the typical convenience coffee buyers – yet.

    • What you offer must reflect the consumer’s expectations on a coffee experience out of home, including great taste, convenient service, various options etc.

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Piggyback on the trusted Paulig brand

  • Paulig is the most preferred take-away coffee brand in Finland.

  • Co-branding with Paulig adds credibility to your brand. It’s a seal of quality for you.

  • This will help you attract more customers and increase your profit.

More reasons to choose Paulig

  • Coffee blends
    Preferred coffee blends
    • Verified sustainable coffees

    • A true experience in every cup

    • Variation to drive excitement

    Browse coffee blends
  • Top notch machines
    Top-notch coffee machines for shops
    • Several models from top manufacturers

    • Simplified daily routines

    • Hassle-free operating

    Read more about coffee machines
  • Technicians 1x1
    Skilled technicians
    • 100% SCA-certified

    • Service and taste optimising

    • Minimal down-time

    Find service options
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Make your coffee station visible

It’s key to make the coffee station visible from the very first moment you step into the shop. According to Paulig’s coffee survey, 40% of consumers make a purchase decision while inside the point of sale.

The right products help you stand out

  • bonamat-hotplate
    • Wide range of popular filter coffees and espresso blends.

    • Most consumers value taste, quality and variation!

    Browse coffee beans
  • Paulig Kulma cappuccino tea
    • Cocoa and tea are perfect for non-coffee drinkers.

    • Most coffee-drinkers have their coffee with milk and the use of plant-based substitutes is increasing.

    Explore tea selection
  • Nutella Frappe Take away
    • Cold coffee drinks are booming, especially among young consumers.

    • Opportunity to create a custom-made coffee blend made by Paulig!

    Discover Paulig Cold Brew

Recommended coffees

  • Espresso Originale
    Paulig Espresso Originale coffee beans 4x1kg

    Classic espresso blend with a rich flavour, a long-lasting finish and a hint of roasted nuts.

    Read more
  • Espresso Favorito
    Paulig Espresso Favorito coffee beans 4x1kg Rainforest Alliance

    Rich espresso blend with a velvety soft flavour and caramelised sugar nuances.

    Read More
  • Espresso Barista
    Paulig Espresso Barista coffee beans 4x1kg Rainforest Alliance

    Strong espresso blend with chocolaty notes and a perfect balance of sweet, bitter, sour and rich flavours.

    Read more
  • RPR Non Ulappa
    Robert Paulig Roastery Notes of Nature Ulappa espresso coffee beans 5x1kg

    Soft but powerful espresso blend with a full-bodied taste, walnut nuances and a dark, chocolaty aftertaste.

    Read more

Recommended machines

  • Thermoplan Black & White 4 CTM2
    Thermoplan Black & White 4 CTM2 RL automatic coffee maker

    Fully automatic coffee maker with a 9-litre refrigerator and a 10-inch LCD screen that can be programmed for 12 products of your choice.

    Read more
  • Thermoplan Black & White 4C CTM2
    Thermoplan Black & White 4C CTM2 P RS automatic coffee maker

    Efficient and fully automatic coffee maker with two bean hoppers and a 7-inch touch screen.

    Read more
  • BW4c CTMRS-2
    Thermoplan Black&White 4C CTM2 RS Coffee Machine 4L with fridge

    Fully automatic coffee machine with a 4 litre refigerator and 7" touch screen that creates high quality filter coffee, espresso, cappuccino and other even more special coffee drinks. 

    Read more

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