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Global Fusion on a plate

  • Truly flavour-driven dining.

  • An easy way to make menus versatile.

  • Allows plenty of room to manoeuvre creatively in the kitchen.

  • Extremely popular with guests.

Do you have irritating and sympathetic flavours on your menu today?

Try our Trend recipes

Put great tasting world dishes on your menu without having to create exotic flavours of your own. Explore recipes for different serving sizes perfect as single sizes or for the buffet.
  • Korean BBQ Tacos​
    Korean BBQ Tacos​
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  • Indian burrito with Raita dip
    Indian burrito with Raita dip
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  • Chilli bean sloppy Joe´s with Mexican slaw & nachos
    Chilli bean sloppy Joe´s with Mexican slaw & nachos
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Hero Smarter Sauce 4-3
Salsas - a trip for the senses

Make your signature sauce

Salsas enhance far more than “just” flavour - add new dimensions to the colour and texture of your dishes, above and beyond Mexican cuisine.

Simply combine your choice of flavourings with a Santa Maria salsa to create your signature sauces for topping, dipping and dressing.

Take a trip around the world

Let’s tour the Popular World Food cuisines.

Bring the flavours of the world to your guests with Santa Maria foodservice.

Touching down on a variety of world food kitchens, all with exciting and flavour destinations you are guaranteed to turn up the heat in your professional kitchen and get your guests talking.

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