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Paulig Relax

A risk- and stress-free way to offer high-quality coffee experiences with no unexpected financial surprises. You’ll take care of filling and maintaining the coffee machine yourself. Our professional team will take care of the technical performance of your machine, as well as all repairs. The Relax service also includes preventive maintenance.

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Paulig Guarantee

Paulig Guarantee includes the Relax service and the professional cleaning of your coffee machine at agreed intervals. This service ensures that every part of your machine is completely clean so you can enjoy quality coffee every day. It also includes all repairs and preventive maintenance of the coffee machine.

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Paulig Full Service

All you need to do is choose the product you like and enjoy the coffee. We take care of the rest, including coffee and other beverages always being available. We fill up and clean your machine and carry out all the necessary maintenance operations and repairs.

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Full Solution

Clean water is a key ingredient

You can also order a water filtering service from us. It means we replace your water filter during scheduled maintenance. A high-quality water filter guarantees clean water and a high-quality drink. It also minimises interruptions due to build-up of limescale in the coffee machine.

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