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Preparing espresso - portafilter
Espresso is growing

The global espresso market is calculated to grow by 7,15% annually from 2021 to 2028. This looks to be the result of an increasing demand from students and employees, a general expansion of the food and beverage industry and a higher personal income on average.

Preparing espresso
The coffee bar has been raised

European coffee machine sales boomed during the pandemic. For example, the sales in England increased by 412% after the announcement of the second lockdown. With better coffee and espressos at home, these customers are now looking for even better experiences when going out.

Girl with takeaway coffee outside a cafe
Youngsters look for good alternatives

Consumers are increasingly choosing quality, sustainability and health benefits over price and convenience. This progress is mainly driven by millennials (25–38) and Generation Z (18–24).

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Preparing espresso with an espresso machine

Welcome to the one-stop shop

To enable perfect shots of espresso crowned with thick and golden crema, we offer the full package – from sustainably grown coffee beans and expert roasting to fine-tuned machines, maintenance and training. At Paulig, we’ve had more than 140 years to make our process match your needs. Now, we’re here to make your espresso journey run smoothly. 

Red coffee beans
Taste the change

100% verified sustainable coffee

All our coffee is bought from verified sustainable sources. It’s either certified or sourced through our partnership programs. We can trace it all the way back to the coffee cooperatives, production communities and specific farms. It means the coffee you serve will leave a good aftertaste.


All you need to make an espresso

A great espresso calls for delicious coffee beans and some good, clean equipment. You also need to know the practices on how to dose, level, tamp and flush. This video shows the basic steps.

Mintenance espresso machine
Full solution

We got your back

Our maintenance team assure that you offer high quality espresso without any hassle. They calibrate the machine to match your beans and make every cup a true experience. Trainers from Paulig Barista Institute can help you make the perfect espresso and master the art of steaming milk. We’d love to support you and your place, so don´t hesitate to contact our sales department!

Coffee roasting
Full Solution

Let’s get nerdy

In the Robert Paulig Roastery we are totally dedicated to artisan coffee, pushing the boundaries of coffee and bringing our customers’ coffee ideas into reality. A great example is the RPR Notes of Nature series that offers omni-coffees suitable for espresso and filter coffee.

Latter art heart
Value creation

The perfect espresso setup for you

Of course, our full espresso solution is customised to match the needs of your business and the wants of your guests.

Cappucino making
Taste excellence

This is always included

  • Paulig´s trusted brand

  • Relevant espresso blends to match your needs and equipment

  • 100% verified sustainable coffee

  • A hassle-free espresso solution powered by SCA certified technicians

Offer examples

Preparing coffee, espresso machine

Offer example for cafés and restaurants

  • Traditional espresso machine and grinder from Nuova Simonelli for different size of demand

  • Espresso training from Paulig Barista Institute

  • Sales boosting marketing material

  • Best maintenance service package on the market

Coffee corner Thermoplan

Offer example for offices

  • Premium automatic espresso machine with fresh milk feature, for different sized offices

  • Espresso beans developed for professional machines

  • Best maintenance service package on the market

  • Easy to order coffee and condiments from the web shop

Go beyond the classics

In addition to the pure shot of espresso, the classic latte and the cappuccino, here are some uplifting espresso drinks to put on the menu.

How to master steamed milk

  • Milk steaming
    STEP 1
    Create micro foam

    Put the wand's tip is in the middle of the pitcher vertically and in the side of the pitcher horizontally to create the whirlpool. Done right the bubbles created earlier will dissolve into the milk to make it silky-smooth.

  • Milk steaming micro foam
    STEP 2
    Make a whirlpool

    Put the wand's tip is in the middle of the pitcher vertically and in the side of the pitcher horizontally to create the whirlpool. Done right the bubbles created earlier will dissolve into the milk to make it silky-smooth.

  • Making latte art, picture from above
    STEP 3
    Keep moving

    The ideal temperature for steamed milk is 55–65°C. Make sure you pour it directly when finished or keep it moving in the pitcher until you’re ready. Otherwise, the foam and milk will separate.

3 quick espresso facts

Paulig masterbrand logos - espresso cup
Fact #1

A single shot of espresso (solo) is usually about 30 ml or 1 liquid ounce, which makes a double (doppio) about 60 ml.

Paulig masterbrand logos - portafilter
Fact #2

Espresso is created under high water pressure, preferably around 9 bars. That’s four times the pressure of a typical car tire.

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Fact #3

Just like other coffee, the optimal brewing temperature for espresso is a couple of degrees below the boiling point. 

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