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Bradley's tea teapot, Assam black tea
Tea is hot

It’s already the most consumed beverage on the planet, after water. And the interest in tea is constantly increasing. The global tea market is expected to grow by 4,5% from 2019 to 2024, and the maximum growth is estimated for green and herbal tea, due to the health benefits associated with them.

Fresh tea leaves
The future needs good tea

Not only does tea do good for your body and mind. It’s also the major source of income for millions of families and entire countries. The UN has recognised the importance of tea production to promote rural development and life quality in several developing countries. This is supported by choosing fair-trade and organic tea.

Tea bag, tea cup
Standard bags are not enough

True connoisseurs don’t settle for a couple of standard tea bags anymore. They call for higher quality and more exciting options. This is a great opportunity to increase your margins as well as your customer satisfaction. Just add some nice tea on the menu and serve it with devotion.

Bradley's doybags
Exceed expectations

Enter Bradley’s world of premium tea

Bradley’s® is an innovative tea brand offering loads of aromatic blends. Besides the classic “must-haves”, the selection includes trendy flavours, such as moringa and matcha. You’ll find green tea with tonka beans and bourbon vanilla as well as a rooibos and honeybush infusion.

Farming tea leaves
Taste the change

All natural and organic

Every Bradley’s ® blend is composed of purely natural ingredients. All tea is organic, handpicked, carefully processed and packed right after harvest to preserve its world class quality. The entire range of tea bags is also Fairtrade certified.

Bradley's display
Full Solution

We got you covered

Do you want an exciting tea assortment for your restaurant or café? Are you looking to treat your colleagues with conscious and delicious tea? We got you covered. Our range includes loose leaf tea in paper packages and completely recyclable tea bags. We also offer several display solutions and bamboo boxes.

Afternoon tea with snacks
Business tip

Boost your sales with afternoon tea

Afternoon tea is trending. So why not offer a range of British classics like scones and sweet pastries together with amazing teas? Invite your guests for a tea treat in the afternoon!

  • Afternoon tea is a great way to drive traffic to the silent hours between lunch and dinner

  • Easy to deliver as a take-away offer, for improved meeting experiences

  • Add a glass of bubbles for even higher profit

Brdley's teas tea bags and cups

Get to know the colours of tea

All “true” tea originates from the same plant, which is called Camellia Sinensis or simply “the tea plant” for those who don’t speak Latin. Tea comes in many different colours, and they all have their unique characteristics. These are the main differences for the ones we offer.

Tea characteristics

All “true” tea originates from the same plant, which is called Camellia Sinensis or simply “the tea plant” for those who don’t speak Latin.
  • Black tea loose leaf
    Black tea

    Black tea is made by crushing the leaves lightly before they are fully oxidised. That’s what brings the dark colour and the deep, powerful flavour. 

  • Green tea loose leaf
    Green tea

    Green tea is steamed immediately after harvest or processed in a similar way to stop the oxidation before it’s dried. That’s how the bright green colour and the light, herbal flavour is maintained.

  • White tea loose leaf
    White tea

    White tea is minimally processed and oxidised before it’s dried and packaged. That gives the tea its mild, delicate and sophisticated character.

  • Red (Rooibos) loose leaf tea
    Red tea (Rooibos)

    Red tea is actually made from another plant called Aspalathus Linearis or Rooibos, which means “Red Bush”. The fresh leaves are green but they are oxidised after harvest to get the red colour and the deep, slightly smoky flavour. Leaves that aren’t oxidised but dried after harvest are used for green rooibos. No matter what, rooibos is totally caffeine-free.

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The basics of brewing

These are the general guidelines to make our teas taste incredible, no matter if you’re using loose leaf or tea bags. With a little bit of trial and error you’ll soon find the sweet spot.
  • Black tea Assam Bradley's loose leaf feeling picture
    Black tea
    • 100°C 

    • 2 g per 320 ml of water 

    • Brew for 3 minutes 

  • White tea with strawberry Bradley's feeling picture
    Green/white tea
    • 80°C (approx. 2 min from boiling point) 

    • 2 g per 320 ml of water 

    • Brew for 3 minutes 

  • Green rooibos loose leaf tea feeling picture
    Red tea (Rooibos)
    • 100°C 

    • 2 g per 320 ml of water 

    • Brew for 3 minutes 

Three tea tips

Bradleys green tea lemon
Keep cooler when brewing green or white tea

A lower temperature, around 80 degrees, prevents the leaves from burning. This is the way to go when brewing green and white teas unless you want the flavour to be bitter.

Jura coffee corner
Pamper tea lovers in the office

Most automatic coffee machines can be programmed to use specific water temperatures for different teas. That’s a shortcut to great experiences for picky tea lovers!

Teacup, water cup and tea leaves
Give it some space

When using loose leaf tea, don’t over stuff your kettle or infuser tong. The leaves expand as they get wet, and you need to let them to release all their flavours.

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