BBQ Tacos Pork 4-3

Korean BBQ Tacos with glazed pork

Korean BBQ tacos with pork and pineapple kimchi & pointed cabbage


Number of portions
  • 2 kg pork butt​

  • 1 dl Santa Maria BBQ Sauce & Rub Mix Red Chili & ​
    Ginger 101999​

  • Salt ​

  • Canola oil​

  • 200 g sliced yellow onion​

  • 4 dl Santa Maria BBQ Sauce Korean Style, 200518​

Pointed cabbage and pineapple kimchi
  • 400 g shredded pointed cabbage​

  • 100 g drained pineapple chunks​

  • 15 g Santa Maria Kimchi Spice Mix, 100270​

  • 1 teaspoon Santa Maria Paprika powder, 102076​

  • 2 tbsp rapeseed oil

  • Santa Maria Soft Tortilla 6”, 102521​

  • Fresh cilantro​

  • Santa Maria Wasabi & Sesame, 4114

    For Serving​

  • 1 tbsp Santa Maria Sriracha Sauce, 200107​

  • 2 dl mayonnaise

How to prepare

  1. Rub the meat with rub and a little salt. Brown in the oil on high heat until well browned on all sides. ​

  2. ​Place the onion in the bottom of an ovenproof dish, put the meat on top and pour on water so that the bottom of the dish has about 3 cm of water at the bottom. Pour over about half of the BBQ sauce. Bake under a lid at 150 degrees for about 4 hours, turn halfway through and dilute with more water if needed. Alternatively, bake overnight at a lower temperature. ​

  3. ​When done, pull the meat apart. Leave the onion and water in. Mix in the remaining BBQ sauce, possibly a little more.​​

  1. Stir the kimchi mix and paprika powder into the oil. Stir in the vegetables and let sit for at least 1 hour


Mix well and set aside.

Finally, fill the tortillas with the meat, kimchi and mayo, top with fresh cilantro and sesame & wasabi topping. ​

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