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Make simple Korean sauces and sides

Korean BBQ is a great way to experience the flavours of K-food. It’s usually a matter of grilled meats and veggies served with a bunch of side dishes, known as banchan. Here are super simple recipes for those Korean sides and sauces.

Banchan Sauces

A perfect combo for upselling

The massive hype of the Korean cuisine combined with the flavours and simplicity provided by Santa Maria’s products make a perfect combo for sides and sauces. They’re easy to make and easy to sell.

Super simple banchan (sides)

No Korean meal is complete without a couple of side dishes. Here are some easy yet delicious ones.
Korean BBQ

Korean is the world’s hottest cuisine

According to a study by The Bucket List Company, where they gathered positive engagement data from social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok and Reddit, Korean is actually the most popular cuisine in the world, ahead of Italian (2) and Mexican (3).

10-second sauces with Korean flavours

Simply mix Santa Maria’s Korean sauces with one or two ingredients to create amazing dips and toppings in a matter of seconds.

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Cook familiar dishes with a Korean twist

Learn the basics of Korean cooking, find the perfect drink pairings and see the colours that help you cook to capture the energy of the universe. Enter your contact details to get a free copy of the K-food playbook.

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