KTKT Hero Seoul Burger

Cook familiar dishes with a Korean twist

You don’t have to cook traditional K-food to capture the vibrant flavours of Korea. Here are recipes for burgers, tacos and bowls with a Korean twist.

The keys to Korean fusions

By adding a few new flavourings, you can turn familiar dishes into K-food fusions. For example, these are the keys to make it a Seoul Burger and not just a burger with mayo and shredded cabbage.

Burgers and tacos with Korean flavours

Easily turn juicy burgers and classic tacos into curiosity-sparking K-food fusions.
KTKT Hero Popcorn Chicken

Korean taste is a business opportunity

According to a fresh study conducted in the UK, 9/10 diners enjoy Korean flavours and want to eat more K-food. However, 37% says it’s hard to find Korean inspired dishes when going out for dinner. This is a business opportunity for you!

Korean bowls, meatballs and loaded chips

Elevate common favourite dishes by adding kimchi, gochugaru and other Korean taste wonders.

More about Korean flavours

KTKT Hero Korean BBQ
The products that make Korean fusions easy

Discover the sauces, spices and pastes you need to make amazing Korean fusions a walk in the park.

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KTKT Hero Bibimbap
How to cook causal Korean favourites

Recipes for traditional Korean food like bibimbap and trending street food such as K-dogs.

Refresh the menu with Korean dishes
Korean wonders in small bowls

Easily piggyback on the Korean food trend by adding K-food sauces and side dishes, known as banchan.

Make simple Korean sauces and sides

Learn the basics of Korean cooking, find the perfect drink pairings and see the colours that help you cook to capture the energy of the universe. Enter your contact details to get a free copy of the K-food playbook.

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