KTKT Hero Bibimbap
KEYS to korean taste

Refresh the menu with Korean dishes 

The booming fascination of Korean culture has pushed K-food to the frontline of culinary trends. These recipes make it easy to refresh your menu with Korean favourites like bibimbap and K-dogs.  

The keys to Korean classics

By adding just a couple of flavourings, you can turn familiar ingredients into trending Korean dishes. For example, these are the keys to make it a bibimbap and not just a bowl of rice, meat and veggies.

Rich and juicy recipes

Explore a selection of hearty K-food favourites.
KTKT Hero K-dogs

K-dogs are hot!

Korean corn dogs have recently become a street food hit in big cities around the world. According to an article published in the Guardian, there’s a specific street food outlet in Soho, London selling a K-dog every 20 seconds on a busy day.

Crispy and comforting recipes

Try these delicious examples of Korean classics.

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The flavourings you need to cook Korean

Get to know the pastes, sauces and spices that help you tap into the world’s hottest cuisine.

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KTKT Hero Seoul Burger
Try fusion dishes with Korean flavours

Instead of cooking traditional K-food, try combining the dishes you master with Korean flavours.

Cook familiar dishes with a Korean twist
Banchan Sauces
Easy ways to Korean sauces and banchan

Ride the Korean wave by boosting your menu with Korean sauces and side dishes, known as banchan.

Make simple Korean sauces and sides

Learn the basics of Korean cooking, find the perfect drink pairings and see the colours that help you cook to capture the energy of the universe. Enter your contact details to get a free copy of the K-food playbook.

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