All-in Snack Tray 4-3

Add snacks to your dishes 

Use freshly cooked snacks to add texture and flavour to the dishes on your menu. The snacks you create by using Snack Bases make perfect replacements for chips and fries. Also try them loaded with cheese and salsa or as topping on soups and salads.  

Handheld food with snacks 

Juicy burgers, cheesy tacos, fish and crisps and other handheld favourites to eat on the spot or on the go. 
Juicy Veggie Burger 4-3

Swap the French fries for Crispy Rings! 

Tasty meals that are usually served with French fries can easily be upgraded by using Crispy Rings instead. This little change makes any classic more exciting. 

Plated food with snacks

Salads, bowls and sharing plates where freshly made snacks makes all the difference. 
Chocolate Crunch 02 4-3
Amazing dessert #1

Chocolaty Crunch

Drizzle melted chocolate over a bowl of freshly cooked Corn Cones. Finish chili flakes and sea salt.

Dessert Combos 4-3
Amazing dessert #2

Sweet Dream

Flavour your Corn Cones with icing sugar and cinnamon. Then pair with ice cream and dulce de leche.

Hero Snacking 4-3

Get familiar with the Snack Bases 

Santa Maria’s Snack Bases offer easy ways to great snacking experiences. Just cook in a matter of seconds, flavour as you wish and present your custom-made snacks to treat your guests.