Salsa Verde Plating 4-3

Veggie-based sauces for multiple dishes

– The Santa Maria salsas are packed with taste
– Ready to serve with many various dishes
– Easily elevate anything from salads to steaks

Refreshed classics

Use salsa to create new versions of beloved classics.
Mexican Salsa Verde Pack 4-3

Salsa Verde

Savoury tomatillo salsa with the zesty flavours of lime and spicy jalapeños. This juicy sauce has a semi-smooth texture featuring tiny bits of veggies.

Mexican flavours

Salsa is a cornerstone of the Mexican cuisine. Use it complete these favourites.
Mexican Salsa Roja Pack 4-3

Salsa Roja

Complex tomato salsa with the vibrant presence of red bell pepper and a delightful balance of sweet and sour. This salsa offers nice spiciness without being hot.

Meat-free delights

Since it’s 100% plant–based, salsa is the perfect sauce for vegan food. Try it like this!
Salsa Rio Grande pack 4-3

Salsa Rio Grande

Rich tomato salsa with distinct acidity, notes of garlic and a profound umami essence. Its consistency is marked by tomato chunks.

Hero Spoons 4-3

Get more salsa inspiration

Find more salsa hacks, more ways to use salsa and more reasons to make salsa a staple in your kitchen.

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