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There’s a whole range of skills to make a great barista, and the technical part is just one of them. At the Paulig Barista Institute we have a lot of fun while learning – as we guide you from the fundamentals all the way to latte art, different brewing techniques, professional cup tasting and beyond.

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The coffee culture, products, methods, coffee machines, and trends have changed a lot since 1980, but our passion for coffee stays the same. Having been around all this time makes us the most experienced and most inspiring place to learn about coffee!

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We currently offer live training and web courses for our customers in Finland and the Baltics. Get to know our trainers and find loads of coffee inspiration from @baristainstitute on Instagram and

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SCA trainings in Paulig Barista Institute

We are affiliated to Speciality Coffee Association (SCA), the world’s largest coffee trade association. The SCA have put together a world class Coffee Skills Program. We currently offer the Barista Skills Module as well as the Brewing Module, and all our trainers are authorised by SCA.



When the Chemex was invented, the aim was set for an arty way to brew delicious coffee. And that’s just what it offers. The double bonded paper filter is a characteristic, the wooden waist decanter is another and the need of a precise dripping technique is a third one. Here’s how to master this beautiful brewing technique.


Hario V60

A classic way to brew a single or a couple of cups manually. The Hario v60 gives you a clean and balanced taste profile, which can be altered depending on how fast you pour. This is how to use it.



The Aeropress was considered a true game changer when it hit the market back in 2005. Combining the immersion and flow through methods, it enables a single cup of great coffee in just two minutes. This video shows how to pour, stir, mount, wait and press before you can enjoy the coffee from this portable little device.

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