Orange Chipotle Ketchup 4-3

Fish and Chips with Salsa

Fruity, hot and smoky ketchup goes well with the classic fish and chips.


Number of portions
Fish with panko coating:
  • 1200 g white fish, fileted

  • 200 ml wheat flour

  • 6 eggs

  • 800 ml panko

  • 1 liter oil for deep frying

  • Santa Maria Rock Salt  

  • 1500 g french fries

  • 1 liter oil for deep frying

  • Santa Maria French Fries Seasoning 

Chipotle ketchup:
  • 400 ml Santa Maria Salsa Roja

  • 50 ml Santa Maria Chipotle Paste

  • 50 ml orange juice concentrate

  • 1.5 lemon, wedges

  • Dill


How to prepare

  1. Cut the fish into smaller pieces, approximately 4x3 cm.

  2. Pour flour, egg and panko in separate bowls. Lightly whip the eggs.

  3. Coat the fish first in wheat flour, then in the eggs and finally in the panko.

  4. Deep fry in hot oil at 180°C for approximately 3 minutes until the fish is crisp and golden.

  5. Salt to taste.

  6. Deep fry the French fries in 180°C oil for 3 minutes as well.

  7. Season with French Fries Spice Mix.

  8. Mix all the ingredients for the ketchup together.

  9. Serve the fish and chips with dill and lemon wedges.


For some added creaminess, serve the dish with a sauce – just mix cream fraiche or thick yogurt with Santa Maria Garlic & Herbs Seasoning Mix.

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